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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 24

Cauldron A nice snippet about the state of Cauldron from the Dev mailing list today – a mail with the subject “Nobody touches anything!” noted that the last autobuild (all of the Mageia packages get rebuilt each week to check for … Continue reading

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Weekly roundup 2017, week 23

Cauldron So Cauldron is in release freeze now, and new ISOs have been built. Tests so far are looking good, there was one issue with initial application launches on the Plasma live build causing a freeze on some occasions, but … Continue reading

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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 22

Cauldron The big news for Mageia 6 is that we are entering release freeze imminently, this means that any further updates to Cauldron must be for a very specific reason, like a critical bug fix or similar. This will allow … Continue reading

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