Mageia 1 Alpha 2: Primavera is coming!

As outlined in the Mageia roadmap, here comes Primavera, the second alpha release.

Many thanks to all those who worked on this important step towards our first, official release: packagers, translators, developers, admins and testers.

Again, this has been a very busy month: our build system is now running at full capacity and the list of available software has grown to over 6,100 SRPMS, including full integration of LibreOffice and Eclipse, rpm 4.8.1, KDE 4.6.1. Now we need your help to test the distro!

Alpha2 is available through 2 DVDs in 32 and 64 bit flavours respectively. You can also find a dual CD ISO, including both 32 and 64 arch for minimal installations. You can pick a mirror to download from our mirrors list. Torrents are not yet available, however they should be available for the beta release cycle. Help is welcome on that specific topic. Live CDs are also planned later for beta releases.

Alpha2 ISOs are not intended to be used in production as the distro remains in alpha phase. Final design is not yet fully-integrated and a lot of work is still left to be done on theme and icons. Stay tuned!

All information about Primavera:

We hope you will enjoy this brand new Alpha release and we look forward to seeing you again for Beta1 due on the 15th of April!

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15 Responses to Mageia 1 Alpha 2: Primavera is coming!

  1. Carlos Felipe Pessoa de Araújo says:

    Is a live DVD now?

  2. Adjamilton Júnior says:

    Not yet.

    • Carlos Felipe Pessoa de Araújo says:

      Oh, ok! thanks (obrigado!)

      One question: I don’t use KDE, Mageia has Gnome 2.x? 3? Xfce? I used Mandriva gnome liveCD.

  3. ennael says:

    Mageia comes with KDE, GNOME, LXDE and XFCE for now

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  9. Dan says:

    I love this one… minor bugs so far, I’ll set up Apache, I have no doubt the OS is stable enough

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  11. shrinivas says:

    Is Mageia going to be rolling release ? I hope so !

    • corneliu says:

      The cooker has always been a rolling release and will always be. Mageia never had stable releases so I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter.

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