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They Make Mageia – the Sysadmin team : Installation and configuration of software on Mageia servers

In the Mageia project the sysadmin team is responsible for the setup and maintenance of all the Mageia infrastructure, for users and contributors alike. To help people understand what this team does, and to share some ideas with other sysadmins, … Continue reading

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They make Mageia: Jérôme Quelin

Now that things are well on their way and that Mageia 1 is there, it’s time to discover some more about the persons that are making this a reality. Today, this is about Jérôme; thanks to him for being the … Continue reading

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Bootstrap? What bootstrap? I want Mageia ISO!

We announced that our first alpha ISO will be available by the end of January… and still no ISO. Damned! What is going on? Let me explain it. Once upon a bootstrap… As stated in previous blog posts, our build … Continue reading

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Happy new Mageia

First, let’s get the niceties out of the way… the Mageia team would like to wish you all a very happy New Year, for you and your families :D. We really hope that 2011 will be the Mageia year for … Continue reading

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First packagers meeting for Mageia

The first packagers’ meeting took place the last Wednesday on the #mageia-dev IRC channel on Freenode. About 25 people attended, and many proposed to help both experienced and beginner packagers. Almost 2 hours of constructive discussion, here’re the logs and … Continue reading

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