Current Roundup and News – Week 35

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It is time to start having good habits again and tell what we do in Mageia.

It has been a busy week, as usual! Hundreds of packages were pushed to Cauldron (499 Source RPMs, so even many more packages). Security and bugfix updates for Mageia 8 landed on our mirrors, too.

Security updates in Mageia 8:

  • webkit2
  • ytnef
  • thunderbird
  • mariadb
  • postgresql11, postgresql13
  • clamav
  • net-snmp
  • python-ldap
  • firefox
  • and a lot more

Bugfix updates in Mageia 8:

  • apache
  • boinc-client
  • kernel
  • libreoffice
  • dkms-bbswitch
  • and a lot more

Summary of updates in Mageia 8

Since mageia 8 got out, we released 757 security packages and 323 bugfix packages.

Mageia 9 is boiling

Actually (as you may have understood when you read about the hundreds of packages that are made for Cauldron) a big work is done to update packages in the upcoming mageia 9.

Three highlights: We updated Gnome to its version 42, plasma to version 5.25.4. The kernel has been updated to the latest stable release: 5.19.6.

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5 Responses to Current Roundup and News – Week 35

  1. Marja van Waes says:

    And, of course, newer kernel-5.19.7-1.mga9 landed in cauldron since Neoclust wrote this blog post, but before we published it.

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  3. Morgan Leijström says:

    And we also have backports in Mageia 8 – like kernel 5.19.7 very soon (QA tested it just now) 🙂

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  5. Marja van Waes says:

    Thanks for mentioning that, Morgan!