Mageia 6 RC, we are nearly there

Everyone at Mageia is exceptionally happy and proud to announce the availability of the release candidate of Mageia 6. It has been a long road, but we are at the last step and Mageia 6 is just around the corner.

The extra time that this release has taken has had one huge benefit: the number of new and exciting additions to Mageia is staggering. They include the now far more mature Plasma to replace KDE4, the DNF and COPR stacks to supplement urpmi, big updates to the major desktops and the other large stacks and components, and lots of package updates.

Since Mageia 6 sta 2, a lot of work has been done on the installer, especially regarding the support of proprietary drivers and VirtualBox support. More than 30 blocker bugs have been resolved over the 2½ months that the RC took to prepare. A big thank you to all the testers and developers involved in this process!

The QA team and the packagers spend a lot of time ironing out the upgrade process by reporting and fixing many package conflicts. Thanks to your feedback on those RC ISOs, we should hopefully be able to fix the last corner cases. Note: when upgrading with the classical installer ISOs, make sure to enable additional repositories to ensure that all your Mageia 5 packages can be upgraded.

We have also changed the ISO lineup. While the new Xfce ISOs were available with sta2, the positive feedback and their popularity has meant that we can confidently add them on a permanent basis. The available ISOs are as follows:

  • 32-bit Classical Installer DVD
  • 64-bit Classical Installer DVD
  • GNOME 64-bit Live DVD
  • Plasma 64-bit Live DVD
  • Xfce 32-bit Live DVD
  • Xfce 64-bit Live DVD

All of these ISOs can be used on USB sticks if required. If bootable CD media is needed, we offer the boot.iso that can use one of many different sources for retrieving packages, including a network mirror, a locally mirrored set of packages, or the Classical Installer DVD. Instructions for using the boot.iso are available here.

Package Versions

The release candidate, and very likely Mageia 6 by extension will ship with the following major packages:

  • Linux Kernel 4.9.28 (current LTS)
  • X.Org 1.19.3
  • Plasma 5.8.6 (current LTS)
  • Gnome 3.24.3
  • MATE 1.18.2
  • Cinnamon 3.2.8
  • Xfce 4.12.1
  • LibreOffice
  • Firefox 52 ESR
  • Thunderbird 52
  • Chromium 57

The full list of all shipped software can be seen on the .idx file for its respective ISO.

If you would like to test out the release candidate, the ISOs can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, you can use BitTorrent, which is available here.
While we would greatly appreciate the wider testing and feedback and any issues that you report to the Mageia Bugzilla, please bear in mind that this is not the final release.
To that end, the release notes are available here and the errata here.

As you may have noticed, the Mageia forums (at least those hosted on are still unavailable (however, the French forum is still available), as their migration to Mageia 5 gives our sysadmins some headaches. If there is anything that you would like to discuss, we encourage you to use the mailing lists or IRC channels in the meantime. Of course, fixing the forums is still the highest priority for our sysadmins, so they should hopefully be restored soon.

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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 20


We have just had a new build of the Live ISOs, while the Classical ISO build is underway to fix a glib bug that was causing LibreOffice to use 100% CPU, so getting that fixed was very good. The ISOs are looking very good now.

Updates wise, there has been good activity in Cauldron, here is a selection of what has been updated since last week:

  • lyx 2.2.3
  • libreoffice
  • postgresql9.4 9.4.12
  • postgresql9.6 9.6.3
  • ffmpeg 3.3.1

There were also updates to Mate, with some of its packages being upgraded to 1.18.2 and the nodejs, jboss and maven stacks saw upgrades too, there are so many packages in these stacks that listing them all didn’t make much sense.

Mageia 5

There has been a number of updates released for Mageia 5 this week, you can see the full list of recent updates here, here is a list of new updates this week:

  • mhonarc 2.6.19 – CVE fix
  • radicale 1.1.1 – CVE fix
  • asterisk 11.23.1 – bugfix


A quick note from the Council meeting this week, we were discussing the upcoming RMLL event and what we wanted to bring to it and the stock levels of the goodies that we do have. We decided that we would need to reorder lots of items, as the pens and wood USB sticks seemed to go down well, they and any other ideas put forward will be available at events. We wanted to try and use as sustainable products as possible, so, with that in mind, if anyone has any designs, ideas or suppliers, let the atelier mailing list know and we’ll see what we can do.

A short roundup this week, due to lots of time being put into getting the RC released, we will try and get you a bigger one for next week.

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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 19


While I don’t want to spoil anything or give the surprise up, if you follow the Mageia mailing lists you will likely have seen the words “RC” and “ready” appear regularly recently. Without giving more away, we are very close now which is really great news! Updates wise, there has been a fair few this week, here is a selection of the larger ones:

  • gimp 2.8.22
  • gtk+3.0 3.22.15
  • gnome-shell 3.24.2
  • docker 17.03
  • zoneminder 1.30.3
  • kernel 4.9.27
  • dnf 2.4.0

Plus many other bugfix and small upgrades. A quick note on these changes as we are very close to release now and you may be wondering how we can be changing major things like the kernel or gtk+ this close to a release – these are all minor version releases from upstream, or maybe a small patch to fix or add something specific. Take the kernel as an example, the update from last week was from 4.9.26 to 4.9.27 so the changes introduced are very small making these much much safer.

Mageia 5

There has been a number of updates released for Mageia 5 this week, you can see the full list here, here is a selection of the more common packages:

  • audiofile 0.3.6-4.3 – multiple CVE fixes
  • ntp 4.2.6p5-24.8 – multiple CVE fixes
  • kernel 4.4.65 & related packages – multiple CVE & bugfixes
  • thunderbird 52.1 – multiple CVE fixes

Infrastructure Update

Lastly, we want to reassure everyone that we are still working to get the forum and wiki fixed and that they should both be fully operational very soon. The holdup with the forum is that the old database isn’t importing into the new forum, we obviously want to have all of the old messages available as they are a key part of the community and support available for Mageia.

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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 18

Can I argue that this is coming from Honolulu time, so it’s still Friday 🙂 Either way, sorry for the delay.


A little news from the Council meeting this week, most of it was about the upcoming RC ISOs and getting the last blockers fixed. The two non-release topics were whether we should be removing, or at least reducing the visibility of HTTP and FTP in favour of rsync and https when Mageia connects to a mirror, either for updates or installation. As we don’t control the mirrors, we can only recommend using different protocols, but it will need further discussion before anything happens on that. The second, was elections, all the teams have elected their leadership apart from Dev and Sysadmin, emails about that will be going out on the appropriate mailing lists shortly.


As always, an update on the RC, the main focus now is on getting upgrades from Mageia 5 to work, and sorting out the packaging conflicts. The big issue here is getting the transition from KDE4 to Plasma5 working without issue. As for the ISOs, the big remaining issue is with some printers, but it, and 2 other blocking issues should be fixed in the next build which is expected very soon. We expect that the RC will be ready for wider testing in the coming days.

There has been plenty of updates recently for Cauldron, and also some changes as the MP3 patents have expired, so encumbered packages can be moved from tainted. Here are some of the updates:

  • mesa 17.0.5
  • virtualbox 5.1.22
  • ffmpeg 3.3
  • hplip 3.17.4
  • vala 0.36.3
  • obs-studio 18.0.2
  • kernel 4.9.26
  • ldetect-lst 0.3.6 – adds some missing polaris12 ID’s

The ffmpeg update has meant that most of the media stack has been rebuilt – so there should be plenty of updates coming from that.

The final touches have been made to include the Mageia 6 artwork everywhere. If you still see some bits of Mageia 5 artwork when testing the upcoming RC ISOs, please file a bug report.

Mageia 5

A good number of updates are coming for Mageia 5, both security and bugfix, here is a list:

  • minicom 2.7.1 – fixes CVE 2017-7467
  • texlive 20130530-21.1 – fixes CVE 2016-10243
  • libfm 1.2.3-4.6 – fixes extracting archives using compression other than gzip
  • python-lshell 0.9.18-2 – CVE fixes
  • libxslt 1.1.29-1.2 – fixes CVE 2017-5029
  • freetype2 2.5.4-2.3 – CVE fixes
  • 389-ds-base – fixes CVE 2017-2668
  • openjpeg 1.5.2-5.2 – multiple CVE fixes
  • squirrelmail 1.4.22-12.2 – fixes CVE 2017-7692
  • java-1.8.0-openjdk and copy-jdk-configs 2.2-1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • xstream 1.4.9-1.1 – vulnerability fix
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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 17


A quick update on the ISO progress – the Classical ISOs are looking good, although there was a bug with the Mate Menu which has been fixed, but another rebuild will be needed to get the fix onto the ISOs. The latest build of the Live ISOs fixed bugs with the installer crashing on systems with low memory and added boot entries to enable nonfree drivers.

Updates wise, there has been good activity. Here is a small selection:

  • kernel 4.9.25
  • flatpak 0.9.3
  • nautilus 3.24.1
  • phoronix-test-suite 7.0.1
  • mesa 17.0.4
  • thunderbird 52.0.1
  • virtualbox 5.1.20

And many many more!

Mageia 5

As the web facing nature of browsers and flash, the updates announced for chromium and flash player last week should now be on the mirrors and available, so if you haven’t updated yet, it’s advised to do so. Other updates this week include:

With more already added to the validation queue keeping the QA team busy.

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