Live CDs are now available for tests!

It took more time than expected but here they are: live CD ISOs for Mageia beta2. You will find, for now, 2 ISOs; one for each of KDE4 and GNOME. They include a limited set of supported languages (due to size constraints). The plan is to provide more ISOs, each ISO including a specific set of supported languages.

Download ISOs

It’s easy!

Supported languages

  • German (de)
  • English (Australia) (en_AU)
  • English (Canada) (en_CA)
  • English (British) (en_GB)
  • English (Ireland) (en_IE)
  • English (New-Zealand) (en_NZ)
  • English (American) (en_US)
  • English (South Africa) (en_ZA)
  • Spanish (es)
  • French (fr)
  • Italian (it)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR)
  • Russian (ru)

Enjoy testing and please, send us your feedback! Via the usual channels:

  • Filing a bug report in the Mageia Bugzilla
  • Contacting us on on the #mageia-dev IRC channel on Freenode
  • Sending an email to the Mageia-dev mailing list
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13 Responses to Live CDs are now available for tests!

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  3. aranud87 says:


    32 or 64 bits ?

  4. manuel says:

    I think the 64bit still have major bug.

  5. iMadper says:

    why no Chinese….我想要中文!

  6. Livio says:

    It looks brilliant ;o !

    If you only stopped using ugly Ia Ora in favour of Oxygen in KDE4, then I’d be fully satisfied with appearance.

    Mageia Control Center looks beautiful too. I hope it gets better. There are certain things that make it stand out in the crowd: details like missing icons in menus, non-GNOME and non-KDE order of menu items or the worst: software management module. But as you’re quite dynamic I think you can make it better with upcoming common application store or just PackageKit.

    I hope you will do all your best for standarization and making everything better.

    Do Linux better, I’m counting on you constantly!

  7. This is why I wish for seperate language-iso’s.

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  9. mier says:

    any plan for 64bit live cd iso for the future release of mageia final??
    or it just a same dual arch install cd release iso like mandriva…
    its really painful to get a dvd iso..

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