First alpha ISOs for Mageia 2 due on the 25th of November

Initially planned for the 16th of November, our first alpha ISOs for Mageia 2 are postponed to the 25th of November.

They are currently being tested and polished before being released to you all, and we need a few days to do it right. Especially considering that one of the main people working at the production of ISOs is kept busy due to (happy) personal events. 🙂

Be ready to test!

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8 Responses to First alpha ISOs for Mageia 2 due on the 25th of November

  1. Drakon says:

    Ok Thanks!!

    Greetings :D.

  2. Not the one says:

    Ready and waiting

  3. ferri says:

    Thanks for information.

  4. Keith says:

    My only question is can we upgrade to it via urpmi, or will we have to wait for the final to do that?

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  6. Dante says:

    Today is Nov. 25 I am still waiting for the release….

  7. hadi says:

    torrent link is broken, please update