Mageia 2 Alpha 1 – ready for testing!

We’re all excited today! We’re at the first milestone on our way to Mageia 2 – Alpha 1 ISOs are ready for download.

Now it’s time for everyone to test, test, test and report bugs – so that Mageia 2 will be in great shape for release in May. You will find more info on our freshly migrated wiki:


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29 Responses to Mageia 2 Alpha 1 – ready for testing!

  1. isadora says:

    Thanks to all the hard workers for yet another milestone upwards to Mageia 2!!!
    Hope to see a great amount of response, to have the necessary feedback for another great release.

  2. hadi says:

    I’ve downloaded both mageia mageia-livecd-1-GNOME-asia-noindia-cdrom-i586.iso and mageia-livecd-1-KDE4-asia-noindia-cdrom-i586.iso, just notice it loading his mageia so long and can not enter into any interface kde or gnome.
    Is this going to happen to Mageia 2 Alpha 1?

  3. Drakon says:

    Very, Thanks!!!.


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  5. Gavin McNabb says:

    Hooray, and there’s even 64 bit LiveCD Media! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  6. Evgeniy says:

    Hey, guys!
    Thaks for good work!
    You are on the right side, the victory will be yours!

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  8. nalare says:

    Mageia has become in this last year my main linux distro (the one I use in more computers at home). I love the elegance and simplicity of all those drake tools. Its really pleasant & easy to use, and probably the best KDE based linux distro out there. Im sure there is a lot of hard work behind all these improvements. Greetings & thanks from Euskal Herria (Basque Country)

  9. mechatotoro says:

    Thanks! Downloading it with a high heart!

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  13. ferri says:

    A huge amount of work was done. Thanks.
    I am downloading…

  14. Not the one says:

    downloading it again Now thanks, although the one i downloaded yesterday from the other site has the same md5sum

    looking forword to running it

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  16. brandon says:

    thank you for the hard work put into this i cant wait for the final release

  17. Jin-tong says:

    Thank you so much for releasing Live CD and international versions so early that we can have more time and chances to test more thoroughly.

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  19. Toryoni says:

    Having been immersed in UNIX / Linux for over 11 years … As well as using RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, Ubuntu, Mandrake 2005 PWP – through – Mandriva 2010.2 PWP,
    ( which the latter Mandriva was by far the best ) … Mageia 1 BY FAR OUT – DISTANCES THEM ALL ! Further, when I started all this – I after having done 2 tours in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was a first year college student – now post graduate software engineer.
    MORE POWER TO MAGEIA !!! You ARE definitely on the right TRACK to being the Linux leader.

  20. lordikc says:

    For what it’s worth, you can try the ISO through USB + persistence :

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  23. JardaK says:

    Great work! Installed from live USB stick (KDE 4.7 version) on an old netbook asus eee 900 (1 GB RAM, 900 MHz Intel Celeron M). I’ve never seen a run operating system on this netbook so swiftly! Thanks!

  24. Roberto Guerra says:

    Please don’t forget to include WindowMaker.

  25. dro says:

    even though this has prob. been asked numerous times… will there be a livecd 64bit in the future??? that would be nice .. =]

    • obgr_seneca says:

      I don’t know if you looked at one of the mirrors, but there is one right now.

      Sure, at the moment there is only a europe1-americas version of it, but this is only alpha1.

  26. ink says:

    I’m using the alpha as my main OS. It rocks. I’ve tried both the KDE and the Gnome variants, and though KDE seems more stable, the Gnome release is tight.

    Gimp and Krita work faster with Mageia than other distro I’ve tried. This new version of Krita is incredible. Not sure how they pimped it out so much from the last release, but it’s a milestone achievement and Mageia supports it flawlessly.

    The only issues I’ve run into are with Mageia’s version of the Nvidia driver, which creates weird strobbing black spots on my screen; the system also hangs on boot if my Wacom tablet is plugged in and I can’t change my GTK3 theme to anything other than Awaita. But I’m assuming these are bugs that will eventually be worked out.

    Congrats guys. Finally found my favorite distro.

  27. Luthfi Emka says:

    Good Job! Congrats guys… I’ve already run it on my VM…

  28. Greg Zeng says:

    Still wondering how & why this new brand-name will be different & better than the other 600+ distros ….

    D-loading 64bit KDE version now, Alpha2, for my I7, 8GB DDR3 notebook. Yet to find Bluray read-write for *untu versions.

    Prefer DEB ‘cos easy to install. Have had great trouble installing RPM packages in the last several years. If I dare try RPM, favoring PCLinuxOS, which is a Mandriva-hybrid. Hoping you can better that one-man USA package.

    Retired CIO (1984), Australian Capital Territory