Last run for Mageia 2: test beta 3!

For some days the suspense was at its height. We are now happy to deliver this beta 3  release which is the very last beta version for Mageia2. Lots of work has been done on release blocking bugs, final design is nearly all integrated and we now wait for all your feedback.

Beta 3 comes with all the planned media: DVDs, dual CD, live CDs. We especially need feedback on live CDs to improve them for RC release.

As usual you can find more information on beta 3 here:

Warning: If you are working on a laptop with both Intel and ATI graphics hardware have a look here, if you are having trouble with Nvidia graphic hardware using live CD, it’s here.
We are working on this issue to solve it before RC.

Time is short before RC, about 2 weeks. Download it, test it, and use Bugzilla.


Mageia team

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66 Responses to Last run for Mageia 2: test beta 3!

  1. djibb says:

    where are links to download ? primordial, isn’t it ? 😉

  2. eemm says:

    Yeah, there are LiveCDs, I can test these ! 🙂

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  4. Jin-tong says:

    Downloading a Live CD… The d/l speed is good.

  5. raphke says:

    Erreur 601 (net::ERR_FTP_FAILED) : Erreur inconnue ==> pppffff 🙁 🙁

    • Oliver Burger says:

      Must be due to a mirror, not synced yet.
      We have no influence on the time the mirrors do syc with the tier-1s, so try another mirror or try again later.

      • raphke says:

        19-04-2012 (04H48 ;-)) : For the dual CD it seems OK but not for the DVD ( 32 and 64) …

  6. Menak Vishap says:

    It’s cool, that you finally did it!!! And it works correct with my ATI Radeon HD 2600. But, unfortunately, it seems that you forget to include Russian language in Live CD, that is very pity. 🙁 I very hope, in the Release it will be included.

    • ennael says:

      We still have a lot of work to do on live CDs, especially on languages and general content. This should be finalized for RC, including russian of course 🙂

      • Max says:

        Also the 64 bit Live CDs are not available for all locales.
        I’m assuming that for the RC and final release they will be.

  7. JanKusanagi says:

    It’s so close now! 😀

    If it’s any help, I upgraded from Mga1 when Mga2 Beta 2 came out, and it’s running very very nicely here 😉

    Thanks for your great job!

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  9. Joe says:

    Pleased to see what’s working in Beta 2.

    Congratulations to all those that are involved! Good job!

  10. bobby says:

    Why there is no 64 bit CD download for Asia and India.

    • Oliver Burger says:

      Because we have only a limited number of qa testers and we can’t release untested isos. So we couldn’t do it for beta3.

      • bobby says:

        Just a question. How 64 bit Europe CD differs from 32 bit of Asia. Specially if I don’nt want to change the language.

        • Oliver Burger says:

          One is a 32bit ISO, the other one 64bit. And the list of languages is completely different.
          Otherwise they should be the same.

  11. bobby says:

    Even for 32 bit I am getting this error “550 Failed to change directory”. Sorry guys can’nt seems to help you in testing. I would like to make a request that in future please release 64 bit for other countries also.

  12. egc says:

    I tested the live CD, it is just great, very nice and really fast (even from USB without installation)!!
    And the BCM4312 works! 🙂

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  14. R.B. says:

    I booted from LiveCD 64-bit with xdriver=nouVeau. Then installed and changed the video driver to nVidia and installed skype and many other applications.
    There are several minor tiny things here&there (even in MCC) need to be fixed and some bugs but in general it’s good enough for a Beta3 (even I can use it instead of Mageia-1 without any problems). Thank you for a good job, keep it up, and please take all the time you need to make a perfect final release for Magia-2.

  15. Pittschmal says:


    KDE/32bit/Europe 2 (live or install hard disk)not working… Video driver for Radeon HD 🙁

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  17. Rob says:


    if you want to have a look i did some screenshots of the LiveCD

    Love Mageia!!

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  19. Menak Vishap says:

    When I am booting from Live CD, at some moment the strange messagebox appears: “Display driver setup. The system has to be rebooted due to a display driver change. Press cancel within 30 seconds to abort”. If I press or just miss the moment, then the system reboots, and whole story repeats again. If I press , everything boots successfully and works perfect (almost). The obsoleteness of this message for Live CD is obvious.
    The video is ATI Radeon HD 2600, known to be problem in Linux.

  20. Menak Vishap says:

    In previous message I said “I press OK or just miss the moment, then the system reboots, and whole story repeats again. If I press Cancel, everything boots successfully and works perfect (almost)” , but names of buttons disappeared mysteriously from my message. Sorry. 🙂

  21. Menak Vishap says:

    One more question: unfortunately, I had not find the possibility to change the Hardware Addres (i.e. MAC address) for eth0 in Networking Center or anywhere in GUI, without manipulating with ifconfig in konsole. Is it possible now, and shall it be possible in the Release?

    • Oliver Burger says:

      I don’t think there’s any plan to do this in the config tools.

      • Menak Vishap says:

        It is very pity. 🙁 The necessity to change MAC address arises very often. And in Linux Mint KDE and Kubuntu such possibility in config tool exists.

        • Oliver Burger says:

          I never had to do it myself, so it might be that you have to do it quite often for whatever reasons.
          And it’s perfecly well doable on the command line, so why bother with adding a tool, most users will probably never need? You are the first one asking for it imho.
          But if you really want it, ask for it on bugzilla, filing a feature request.

          • Menak Vishap says:

            Anyway thank you for answer! Probably, you are right, and this feature is not of high priority. But then I have one more question: is the standard KDE module for networking configuration available in Mageia 2, and could it be included in the Release? I had not found such possibility. It seems to be more convenient for network configuring in my particular current situation, then the Mageia’s config tool.

          • djmarian says:

            for new to linux people it is a problem, example: at some universities the internet is given to some specific mac’s, so that’s a minimum of 1000 students/city that can’t use linux… someone in campus should know the comand or to google it… i never met him while studying chemistry

            • Menak Vishap says:

              Actually, in my country the absolute majority of providers lock the MAC address for users to that used for the first connection.

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  24. Colin Wright says:

    yet another fruitless exercise with this distro…i have an acer aspire laptop with an atheros wireless card….the hours i spent with mageia 1 trying to get a connection; that was bad enough but this mageia 2 beta 3….? it sees the wireless card and connection ok; i’ve tried to configure it 100 different ways but i still get ‘connect error’ and nothing else…this distro seems very similar to pclinuxos and i have absolutely no trouble connecting with that distro in whatever form it comes in; it sees my card and i can connect to the web straight away with no problem…in fact i can’t remember any linux distro i’ve tried apart from this one that has given me so many wireless problems…if they can get it right why can’t mageia??

    • Oliver Burger says:

      Then discuss this in the forums, file a bug report, ask on the MLs or just use one of those many many distros doing this better then we do.

      • rich says:

        oliver learn how to take critism… it comes with runnin a distro.. you sound unprofessional.. he’s right i have acer too and wireless is up and down with mageia, but the distros great nonetheless..great work

        • Oliver Burger says:

          Then where are the bug reports?

          I may sound a bit unprofessional, but – to be honest – we all are, because we are a group of volunteers working on Mageia in our free time.
          So I have to repeat myself, things like this should be taken care of, but not in the comment section of the blog, but in bugzilla. And if people are not willing to file bug reports about problems they do have, we can’t help them.

          • rich says:

            i hear u oliver, u guys do alot for free.. we appreciate it too.. just tested beta 3, wireless works great for me on my atheros AR5007EG wireless card…keep up the good work mageia..

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  26. GalGavu says:

    Can anybody help me with live USB. I’m getting:
    can’t access tty job control turned off

    is there anyway to fix it??

    • Oliver Burger says:

      The blog and its comment space is not the üplace for such questions. Please go to the forums.

  27. José Ma says:

    Really shows that have worked hard to to Mageia 2, in this very moment I am writing these lines from the Live CD Mageia 2 KDE, and really works very well, Mageia 1 not started on my PC, and this version for the moment works as a swiss clock !!!! Congratulations to the Mageia Team and continue on this path, this version really promises very much. I think that finally the magic has returned to this world !!!!

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  29. Pedro says:

    It’s amazing. I’ve just installed it from a live CD and I think it is the faster live CD I’ve ever used, it was installed in a moment, and KDE runs smoothly.

    I only had one problem: it didn’t recognized my Mandriva 2011 installation so it wasn’t present in the new grub, I had to add it manually.


  30. rich says:

    love the new artwork!..only bug i’ve found is in dolphin file manager that’s it …good job cant wait for the final release..

  31. dro says:

    yuh the new artworks nice i agree beta 3 shows mageia 2 is almost there i can’t change my folder view in dolphin to detail list that’s the only issue i have but i’ll file a bug report

  32. dro says:

    nvm dolphin was fixed after updates works great now i haven’t found any bugs yut nice job guys

  33. f says:

    Something really absurd the 387 packages depending on a ShiT-elepathy!
    Some promiscuous relations in the dark?Owwhat?
    After two seconds, I said Ok, and all’s gone.

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  35. Tom G says:

    Guys, it’s been a pretty good week. So far, just had one bug which was fixed while I was at work, before I had a chance to report it myself. On Thursday, I will move on for now. It’s hard to report bugs when none seem to occur (for me). I’ll come back at the end of May after the final release to do a review, but honestly am quite pleased overall. I have no complaints.

  36. Diego says:

    Please wait for KDE to release 4.8.3 before releasing Mageia 2.

    The last minor 4.8.3 will fix a issue with kmix crashing, see here:

    Also, please release Mageia 2 with 3.3 kernel (or superior version) as the kernel 3.3 fixed a lot of ACPI stuff that is good for laptop (and desktop) users.


  37. dro says:

    drop it now and keep updating it if needed.. it’s a solid release on my 3 computers. =]

  38. belocus says:

    what is the default office suite in mageia? i think calligra suite is awesome

  39. user7 says:

    Tested the Live CD on a Lenovo Thinkpad L510. LAN, WLAN and 3G connectin all work flawlessly out of the box (WLAN didn’t in MGA1, I had to find and install additional packages (which were, however, in the repos)). No regressions so far, everything is working smooth and as it should.

    Only annoyance is the preview on mouse-over of the taskbar. It’s not intuitive to remember that you still have to click the window to be up front. I find myself continously forgetting this and moving the mouse cursor straight to the window, which makes it disappear.

    Congratulations to what I expect to be a great release!

  40. mabari says:

    I have 2 internal hard drives on my HP workstation. One has Ubuntu (Gnome) installed so I decided to put a KDE distro on the other. I have used (mainly) Mandriva for KDE in the past, but I read about their problems and decided (based on reviews for best KDE distro on the net) to go with openSUSE. OMG, what a struggle. After finally getting it on the 2nd disk, I discovered that it would only work with my Radeon HD 6450 card in 2D and what a rigmarole to get it to use 3D. Also, I wanted to boot from the 1st disk and change the grub so that I could run openSUSE or Ubuntu, but Ubuntu has Grub2 and modifying it is a pain! Also, I love the cube and other effects so I said ‘Bugger this’ to openSUSE and went back to the net where I discovered Mageia. I got it loaded with very little difficulty and was delighted to find that it instantly worked with my graphics card and I could get all the desktop effects I wanted. Also, it uses Grub not Grub2, so I was able to easily modify and add an entry to run Ubuntu on my other HD. So now I boot from my Mageia HD, get the Grub and can run Mageia KDE or Ubuntu Gnome whichever I like. Actually, I find myself on Mageia most of the time now. Love it! Well done guys, keep up the good work!!