Send bugs ad patres for Mageia 3 alpha 3!

Finally the bug hunt was successful and this alpha 3 release is now available for tests. We hope you will enjoy this new one.

Upgrade from Mageia 2 is now possible and we need your feedback to make it smooth for final Mageia 3.

More information about Mageia 3 alpha 3:

We are now entering a crucial time for the final release. Your feedback is essential!

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16 Responses to Send bugs ad patres for Mageia 3 alpha 3!

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  2. Brian says:

    I’ve never been successful in installing the proprietary nvidia drivers with Mageia. Is there a feature, planned or present, to enable these drivers during installation ?

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  6. Fred James says:

    Mageia3-alpha3 English Only Live CD … applies to both KDE4 and GNOME …
    (1) downloaded each … no problem
    (2) sumed each … matched
    (3) K3b burned each, with verify … all good
    (4) boot from each … no good … same problem on each
    (4.1) saw initial splash (pot with up to 2 balls above it) on blue mageia background
    (4.2) screen went blank (black)
    (4.3) CD finally stopped spinning … screen still blank (black)
    (5) used to terminate … that worked.
    (5.1) saw a quick flash of the splash screen, then blank (black)
    (5.2) CD opened
    (5.2.1) message asked me to remove media and press enter or
    (6) machine booted back into mageia 2 (KDE4)
    Please let me know what other information you might need, and if I can help.
    Fred James

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  8. Le Caudell says:

    When will Mageia offer the Mate desktop

  9. nomenkultur says:

    Html5 youtube videos on firefox 16.0.2 don’t show images only sound. (intel gfx). The brightness control on gnome show the icon but not the bar. Cheese cam doesn’t show image and crashes…

    but everything seems to be way way stable and functioning well, this is strange for such a early alpha as even fedora 18 is still crashing left and right

  10. Morgan Leijström says:

    Thank you for the feedback. But please use for investigation.

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  12. Stark says:

    Is There Mageia with Openbox?

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  14. Anton Relin says:

    I have tried Mageia 2 & 3 Alpha 3. The system does not recognize my empty partition. I have BIOS enforced RAID 0, and the error is always the same “I cannot read the partition table of device. I can try to go on, erasing over bad partitions (ALL DATA will be lost!).
    The other solution is to not allow Drakx to modify the partition table.
    Do you agree to lose all the partitions?”
    I then select No
    5. Infinite loop at “I cannot find room for installing” requiring reboot

  15. Alfredo says:

    Will this work with my GeForce FX5200 graphics card? Couldn’t get Mageia 2 to work with that… I am hoping that is fixed in the new version… I’d really like to stick with Mageia if possible…