Mageia 3 beta 1: release hell strikes again!

We initially planned Mageia 3 beta 1 today but release time can be unpredictable.

Beta 1 will come with some big changes in installer and it took much more time than we expected to integrate it.

QA is in progress on isos.

Stay tuned!

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15 Responses to Mageia 3 beta 1: release hell strikes again!

  1. Hugo says:

    Any news about GRUB2 as standard bootloader in this new version?

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  6. john mertic says:

    please refer to it as ‘H E double hockey-sticks”

  7. jose says:

    do not worry about time , the most important thing is quality
    I use mageia 2 daily and it works nice, well done guys!!

  8. dave says:

    Don’t usually bother with network installs nor beta’s. So this could have easily gone badly. What I found was something I’ve often whinged for in an OS. The ability to set up what you actually need (or don’t need) before anything is installed or downloaded. So your OS, is even more yours.
    Well pleased!

  9. mechatotoro says:

    Please take your time. Timely releases are important, but they are no match for quality releases.

  10. djmarian says:

    right, i could always re install Mageia 2 before going on vacation

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  13. jarda says:

    I probably will not manage to install Mageia eudev? see

  14. galba says:

    Mageia 2 is pretty awesome for my desktop (love it), but have to run Ubuntu 12.10 on my notebook (Samsung 7 Chronos) for now because some HW issues. My HDD just can not stop turning on and off every few seconds, even if I have 8GB RAM – probably some old kernel issue – will address it in a bug report. I’m looking forward to Mageia 3.
    Good job, guys!