Mageia 3 planning – or, the old story of the hare and the tortoise

After some discussions in a Mageia council meeting, it has been decided to give some more time to the lead-up to the Mageia 3 final release, so we can have more tests, more bug fixes – and  a more stable and up-to-date Mageia 3.

So, we will add one more beta release, and push release day along a little bit:

  • Beta 3: 2013 Mar 5th
  • Beta 4: 2013 Mar 28th
  • Release Candidate: 2013 Apr 19th
  • Final release: 2013 May 3rd

Make sure you download the beta releases and the RC, and help us test, test, test!

Planning on Mageia wiki

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21 Responses to Mageia 3 planning – or, the old story of the hare and the tortoise

  1. Lars Nielsen says:

    Meeeh: Beta 4: 2012 Mar 28th
    Seems wrong to me 🙂

    But of cource I will help test

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  3. Morgan Leijström says:

    I like to wait and experience quality – like I have experienced with earlier releases 🙂

  4. cipha says:

    Can’t wait.

    Thinking about installing RC when it rolls out.

    Had some glibc problems with Mageia 2: too old.

    Time to upgrade…

    Keep 1!

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  9. Philippe says:

    Good decision to add the extra beta release. Beta 2 was a good step forward, but it remains quite a bit rocky especially with Grub 2 functionally not fully implemented. Plus the upgrade from mageia 2 is still not working right. Otherwise, things are looking good 🙂

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  12. Anonymous3 says:

    Request for Mageia 3 : Teamspeak in nonfree (or tainted).

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  14. Dan says:

    can’t wait for next beta to test network install

  15. Doug Laidlaw says:

    Is a release cycle of 9 months too short to be practicable?

    • Dan says:

      some work better under pressure, like me i e
      it’s fine to release between 9 and 12 months, maybe if i say i’ll do something in 12 months i’ll get lazy and do it in 13, better to pressure me to do it in 9, and i’ll do it for sure in 12 (that was actually what i said in the beginning)

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