New release date for Mageia 4 beta 1

Following the existing planning, Mageia 4 Beta 1 should be released on 2013/10/31.

It looks like witches and pumpkins are playing a part in this release. Due to a nasty bug discovered on rpm itself, we have made an early decision to reschedule the release. It will allow some time to fix this bug properly and test the fix.

The planned new release date will now be 2013/11/06.

Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to New release date for Mageia 4 beta 1

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  5. Michael says:

    I have been using your ex-bosses product for years Mandrake,Mandriva & now yours.

    I must be honest when they decided to not keep your staff employed there, wow that was not an intelligent decision.

    Even all of your beta-ware with your 3rd release of your product was well bulletproof.

    I did run into one issue though with a client old Dell PC.

    If you have a 128mb grafix card then your CD release is not a good idea, since your operating system if not very stable on such an old antiquated PC.

    Many times I had to reinstall MAgeia 3 since @ the boot screen right after the login screen it would consistently hang.

    Could your staff please release a bare bones version of the Distribution,hmm?

    For those of us whom have to install onto older Computers,thank you.

    Your Happy user,

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