Mageia 5 beta 2 is out! A story of badluck

After several delays the beta 2 version of Mageia 5 is finally out! You can find more information here.

But, it seems that yet again we need to postpone the Mageia 5 release.

Due to various difficulties with EFI boot, grub 2 and a few other things, we need a little more time. Only a few members of our QA team have EFI-based machines, so if you do have such equipment please test Beta 2 and report your experience.

Our QA, Packagers and ISO teams are working around the clock to bring us all a stable and secure release, but they still need to work out a few kinks.

Therefore, we are planning one more Beta release before the release candidate. So the final timeline looks like this:

  • Beta 3 – February 3
  • RC – February 24
  • Final release – March 10

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding, and in case you were wondering if there’s anything you could do to help, just ask the teams!

We need as many people as possible to try this beta in order to identify any remaining problems. Please report any problems that you experience in the forums, mailing lists or, preferably, in bugzilla. Also don’t forget to check the errata.

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28 Responses to Mageia 5 beta 2 is out! A story of badluck

  1. Yankee495 says:

    Your link “is finally out” is pointing to the wrong address.
    I think this is where you want it to go:

  2. Keith says:

    The postponent is certainly no surprise. One thing I for one have noticed is that releases never come on schedule, but making a previous release EOL invariably does. All I’m saying is that this is expected, so there’s no need for apologies.

  3. Mahmoud Fereydouni says:

    Eagerly waiting for the final release,
    Keep it up guyz!

  4. Frank says:

    I totally agree with Keith. To me, the most important feature is stability, as I’m using Mageia for everyday tasks. I would rather have the release to be months later if that ensures stability, than an earlier release with rough edges. For the ‘bleeding edge fans’ there’s Cauldron. Thanks ladies & gents of the Mageia team, for giving me this splendid Linux distro. Keep up the good work!

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  10. Joaquin says:

    Are you considering an LTS anytime soon. I love this distro and have recommended highly but a new vision every year is way too soon.

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  14. Paulo Cezar says:

    That’s not bad luck. You’re taking good care of your users and we appreciate that very much 🙂
    Thank you all.

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  16. Peter says:

    Take your time!
    I have also to admit that I love this magical distro.

    Maybe its not necessary that you provide every year a new version.
    A LTS version would als be very exciting.

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  19. Every Day User says:

    Comming from Mandriva I use Mageia on all my computers for daily work use. I can wait. I know it will be great!

  20. valek84 says:

    Great news. Excellent distribution and use it every day at home and at work. We are waiting for the final release.

    Problems still remain, but I think better.

  21. dequa says:

    i had already use mageia 5 beta 1, should i do clean install again or I can just update my system?? -noob-

    • kevin says:

      Do both! and report your findings
      lol, if you have the time of course, and the machine
      These great people need all the reports they can get.

  22. Red says:

    Like this distro from the first releaseand use it day to day.
    I agree with Peter. Why not an rolling release (or a LTS) instead every year a new one?

  23. peter says:

    im using mageia 5 beta now, and find it great, my machine is not EFI
    I think that already this is a great release, and if it means waiting, to make it even better
    it does not matter.
    most of the mageia long term users can get used to or work around a problem.
    but its the face that mageia shows to the outside world that realy matters here.
    ill use mageia worts and all, but id like it that my collegues at work, go wow…..
    and all want to try it.
    I want mageia to rise way above the ubuntu/mint/crowd.
    for me mageia 5 already does that, it realy does look like the best mandriva/mandrake/mageia ever and im hoping the press and critics all see that too.
    great work all involved.

  24. nightmayor says:

    I have an EFI-based computer (un)fortunately. I did notice the Live-DVD worked this time around compared to Beta 1. Should I continue testing it with the Live-DVD alone, can I install Mageia 5 on a jump drive or must I make a separate partition on the hard drive? (It already has Mageia 4.1.)

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