Weekly roundup 2017 – week 13


The big Cauldron news is that ISO testing for Mageia 6 RC is well under way, new images were generated that will hopefully fix the EFI implementation and some grub config issues. Gnome 3.24 will be available on the upcoming ISOs as pre-testing has not shown any issues. We’re also hoping to have most blocker bugs fixed before the RC release, the list is getting nice and short, so hopefully that wont take long. If you want to get involved with pre-release ISO testing, the QA team always has room for more hardware and hands.

Big updates include:

  • libbluray 1.0.0 – there might be some broken deps with this while the needed packages are rebuilt
  • kernel 4.9.19
  • webkit2 2.16.0
  • firefox 52.0.2
  • urpmi 8.106-2 – this increases the transaction size from 8 to 50, it will help with upgrades from Mageia 5 to 6
  • chrome-gnome-shell – this should add some nice functionality to Gnome

The other big talking point aside from the RC release in the Council Meeting was the inclusion of the new Manatools for system configuration on the ISOs. The ncurses versions will be added, along with dnfdragora, but the integration of the graphical front ends was pushed until after Mageia 6 to give proper testing time.

Mageia 5

R-base was patched against CVE 2016-8714, the other big update is to the kernel, 4.4.59 which will fix a vulnerability found in the pwn2own contest.


We will be at the Libre Software Days in Lyon this weekend, so if you are in the area drop by and meet some of our contributors or catch up on the other projects on show.

We have been using Mypads from Framasoft a lot for blog posts and announcements, this is being written on one in fact. To that end, we have made a ‎€250 donation, full blog about how we use Mypads and Framasoft can be read here.

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5 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 13

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  2. Vigen says:


    I use cauldron, and stability is there.
    I think version 6, is going to be a very good version.
    Thanks to the whole community for his work.

  3. 165185 says:

    I like your policy of releasing “when ready”. I think the Linux community as a whole looses a lot of credibility when using unfinished software – i.e. cutting, bleeding or whatever edge. I think a stable and uninterrupted user experience must outweigh any demand for the latest software. I have been using Mageia 5 KDE and Mate on a couple of PCs for a period of around 18 months now and I have not experienced any bug or hick-up during this time. Not one. Mageia 5 delivers flawless performance – flawless!

    I salute you Mageia developers!

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