First packagers meeting for Mageia

The first packagers’ meeting took place the last Wednesday on the #mageia-dev IRC channel on Freenode. About 25 people attended, and many proposed to help both experienced and beginner packagers. Almost 2 hours of constructive discussion, here’re the logs and links to pertinent threads on the mageia-dev mailing list:

Of course if you are interested in contributing in the packaging team, you can still register here. You can attend packagers’ team meetings every Wednesday at 20h UTC in the #mageia-dev IRC channel on Freenode. These meetings should be rather short, around 1/2h. The main goal will be to review ongoing actions based on a pre-defined list of topics (this list will be posted to the mageia-dev mailing list).

Work is now focused on documentation: the Mageia packaging policies and laying out the mentoring process of new packagers.

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5 Responses to First packagers meeting for Mageia

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  3. madpuppy says:

    I was wondering, Are the PLF packagers going to be supporting Mageia?

    I would understand if you did not know this though.

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  5. Shashank Sondhi says:

    It would be great if the proposed package list could be seen so we can continue discussions of packages to be included in standard builds.