They speak about Mageia

While the Mageia team is working hard on making the build system available for packagers and teams are being setup, thanks to volunteers, various media are already speaking about our project. They asked some Mageia team members to give some more information about the reasons and the organization of Mageia.

Thanks a lot to Dimitrios, Olivier, Maarten, Fabio, MacXi, Gonzalo, Wobo for their big work translating parts of these articles.

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4 Responses to They speak about Mageia

  1. wobo says:

    More press reviews can be found in the Mageia wiki on – most of them with a Google translation to English.

  2. sreejiraj says:

    Hi, we are waiting for the alpha!!

  3. Livre1 says:

    Hello, I tried a little, but what are the main goals of the distribution mageia?

    Are easy to use between them?

    With easy to use style speak Ubuntu, Fedora is the major graphical interfaces configuration that openSUSE uses Yast2 called.