And now it’s time for beta 2

The second beta release of Mageia is now available for download and testing.

Go get it!

What’s new?

Lots of bug fixes and software updates! Kernel, LibreOffice, KDE 4.6.2, Firefox 4.0, Chromium browser 12.0.742.0 and many more.

We froze the software package versions last week. This means that no new, big, upstream code changes will be accepted in Mageia until our final release in June; then we will re-open the doors. We will now focus on fixing and reducing our bugs lists and refining and polishing the user experience.

We are setting up our security team so it’s ready for the final release; secteam’s job is to validate and push software security updates to your Mageia 1 installations.

Test it!

We need you to finalise this first release cycle! You as a tester, as a new user, as a contributor. This is the last week to check the following items:

  • is your favourite piece of software included? there’s still time to add some!
  • how does the upgrade feel like, starting from Mandriva Linux 2010.1 and 2010.2 to Mageia 1 beta 2? see our upgrade test page;
  • are your computers and peripherals properly recognised and handled by Mageia?
  • how does the installation process feel to you? (see our testing procedure).

Feel free to get in touch with us!

  • via our development mailing-list;
  • via IRC, on #mageia-dev on the Freenode server;
  • via our forum
  • via our Bugzilla
  • or catch one of us in Bordeaux, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Edinburgh, Genoa, Knoxville, Leuven, London, Lille, Lyon, Mexico, Moscow, Nanterre, Paris, Tampere or in many other places (beware: this method may require some coffee, beer or other beverage to work properly).

Mageia 1 final will be available in 35 days! \o/

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Curious about Mageia? Download it, give it a try and tell us how you feel about it.

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21 Responses to And now it’s time for beta 2

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  4. Carlos Felipe says:

    No liveCD yet? 🙁 so it is difficult to test

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  9. Franklin A Harrison says:

    Have Beta1 running on main computer.
    Netbook running netbook version.
    Mageia Beta1
    Installed flawlessly first time….
    Everything working well on homebrew Intel box..
    I’m downloading Beta2 dvd now…
    Will do new install and check everything out

  10. Eugeni says:

    Congrats again :).

  11. Julio Esposito says:

    You could always just install it in VirtualBox. While not as good as running on real hardware, it’s the next easiest way to test when there’s no live CD available.

  12. gc says:

    Hopefully you guys will have the properly patched 1.2.14 SDL included. I reported the bug to Mandriva via IRC and given the finger. Many other distributions already use the patch. SDL’s official position is include the patch, revert to 1.2.13, or wait for 1.3. So if you guys don’t plan of using the official 1.2.14+patch, please use 1.2.13 until 1.3 is made available.

  13. Kevin says:

    Is there a way for me to browse your repos to give me an idea of what sorts and degree of packages you have? Tks 🙂

  14. thomas says:

    I’m excited. I’m downloading to try it out tonight. I have a fairly robust server if you need some hosting space. (2-dual core xeon, 8 GB ram, 4TB free disk). My network connection is through comcast, so my up speed is only about 5Mb. I’m happy to donate some of my capacity to your project if you like….


  15. @Kevin: sure, you can have a look at for that 🙂

  16. osifa says:

    Congratulations ,
    I wait agog mageia release.

  17. Dusan says:

    I using it on Virtual box and real hardware Amd proscesor+2GB+intel SSD 32GB+nvidia 7300GT and working very well.
    But I still using few rpm from manriva as are qstardict, opensonic(from mib?), xine-faad and similarly.
    I want free-cad, 0ad, agros2d and support for patented format as is aac.

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  19. Luthfi Emka says:

    Already downloading now…. ready to test

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