Translation bug hunting days

It’s now five months since Mageia 1 was released so it is time to clean up our translations.

The time the i18n teams had before the release was quite short and especially the smaller teams were in quite a hurry. So you might have seen, that not everything is translated to your language or you might have stumbled upon buggy or awkward translations.

So now we call upon you: Search the Mageia tools (the draktools you find in the control center) and the installer for errors in the translations and tell us.

Just go to our Bugzilla and file a report about them.

Please do assign those translation bugs directly to the i18n team ( and – even better – join the i18n team of your language to help us, straighten those bugs out.

The i18n people will then do their best to fix them so we can have updates for our translations before Christmas.

Please do report translation bugs to us in the next two weeks (until November 20th).

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