Mageia at the 2011 OpenRheinRuhr (Germany)

OpenRheinRuhrDeep in the west where the sun is dusty…” is the beginning of a German song about a city in the western coal and steel district of the “Ruhrgebiet”. Times change,  blast furnaces and winding towers were abandoned. Today one of those industrial buildings in Oberhausen (Germany) serves as a museum of the industrial history of this district.

This industrial museum is the place where the 2011 OpenRheinRuhr will open doors from November 12 to November 13, an exhibition and conference for Open Source projects, communities and ideas. Invited are experts, beginners, interested visitors and users with all their questions. Being a comparatively young event it has already found its friends, like the German Mageia community.

At their stand prominent members of the German Mageia community will present Mageia 1 and Cauldron, they will answer questions and – if you bring a USB key or an empty DVD – you can get Mageia to take home and enjoy. 🙂

We are looking forward to see you there!

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