Almost there: download Mageia 2 RC – new date for final release

Here we are. After some delay, Mageia 2 RC is available for the last tests before the final release. We’ve included a lot of bug fixes to the installation and upgrade since the beta 3 release and we hope it will give you a very nice experience with Mageia.

More information on this last development release:

This is the last chance to test and report feedback about any problems you may encounter with this future release. We need you!

As a consequence of the RC delay, the final release will be postponed to the 22nd of May to give us enough time to manage RC reports and build the final ISOs.

Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned!

The Mageia team

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53 Responses to Almost there: download Mageia 2 RC – new date for final release

  1. Filip says:

    Thanks for RC, especially on new language (Slovenian).
    BTW, download link is linked on French page.

    Keep up the good work.

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  3. Daniel says:

    Could you give me one mirror which has already Mageia 2 RC available at the moment? No one of this list: doesn’t work for me.

  4. isadora says:

    Great job!!!!!!

    Thanks to all of you for the huge amount of energy put into this great new product.

  5. Tester says:

    I tried beta 3, and although its one of the nicest (read less broken) distros I’ve seen in about a year, I am unable to use it full time due to a couple of problems. Which is a shame because I really hoped I could. I thought I’d inform you of the problems I encountered, in case you haven’t discovered them yet.

    There is a problem in rpmdrake which caused me no end of trouble. Before doing the post-install update, I used the ‘Update media’ menu item to make sure non-free repos were enabled. I use the nVidia proprietary driver, and knew the update had a new kernel, so I wanted to be sure I got dkms stuff. I then used the Update Manager to install the updates.

    I should have checked to make sure the nVidia dkms update was included, but did not. My bad. Of course, I got GPU lockup on the next boot.

    After reinstall, I realized the Update media item in rpmdrake does not work. Forum posts show most people use MCC to both update sources and run rpmdrake. Not fixing or disabling the menu item leads to mistakes.

    Secondly, I noticed a number of system lockups. There was a forum post about a system locking up during media play, but in my experience it happens about an hour after boot, and it didn’t matter what I was doing. And it happens every boot. This is why I don’t feel I can use the distro at present.

    I don’t know if you’ve address these problems in the RC. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Oh yeah, Toshiba Qosmio X505, Core i5, nVidia GeForce GTS360M, and a bunch of other parts.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Actually, we have a bug tracker…
      How often shall we ask people to report problems at

      Mentioning them here or in the forums just does not scale. Using the bugzilla is the only working solution for the developers

      • Aouie says:

        How the core Mageia community chooses to respond to potentially frustrating (perceived) incompetence of the masses, can affect how Mageia fares overall.

        It would be nicer to give gentler reminders to use the bug reporting system.

        It would also be nice if some people could take up the task of gathering bug reports on related forums and blogs, and entering the information into the bug reporting system.


        • obgr_seneca says:

          Well perhaps one can be nicer then i was, but:
          we have written again and again and again and… that we need people to file bugs, and there is a time you just don’t want to tell it again anymore.

          The problem about people harvesting the forums and the blogs and so on is even simpler to describe:
          First, you need to have people to do so. We are a community project, so everyone is free to do so, if no one does, no one does…
          And second: It doesn’t work, because the developers in question will ask for further information, so the only way is for people to report their bugs themselves.

          • user7 says:

            I feel your pain. 🙂 Maybe this site could be patched to replace, say, !USEFUCKINBUGZILLA! (or whatever it is you would like to say under such circumstances) with a nice informative text like: “Please note that the comment segment is not meant for bug reports of any form. It is simply not suited to be used in such a way. Please report any problems you enconter at instead. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Mageia is a community effort, which is why it is as good as the efforts people (like you) put into it.”
            This would keep you from having to type it all over again and provide a way to let off steam at the same time. 😉

      • Anakin says:

        It wasn’t nice to say so.
        Newcomers will tell here in the Blog if they se a bug.
        I that case you can’t be that harse. Everybode don’t have a slightly Asperberger syndrom like the most of us geeks

        What you should have done was to start a bug in the system and post an answer here
        “I understand that you are new to Mageia.
        We have an exelent bugtracking system and i started an issue on your behalf in the topic.
        You can find it here.
        Fill in the missing pieces and when you find more bugs. Please start an issue your self.”

        We can’t afford to scare of newbes
        Our list of users grow shorter if we do

        Have a nice dat and be nice

      • Pieter van Zyl says:

        So you responded about how to log bugs which is fine and fair.Plus there was enough comments and good suggestions on how to improve the response.

        But you didn’t respond to the issue or deny that there is freezing or rpm problems?

        Maybe there was already bugs logged that you could refer the user too?

        So in my mind there has now been created doubt about the stability of the next release……….

        • obgr_seneca says:

          Short answer: not that I know of any.

          About existing bug reports: Bugzilla does have a search function which is working rather nicely. So you should be able to find bugs related to your questions yourself.
          It just doesn’t scale to let us project members do the searching.
          And if you should file a bug report, that does already exist, bugsquad will mark it as duplicate, no problem about that.
          And I wouldn’t know, how I did create doubts about the stability….

  6. Tyler says:

    Just installed it on my thinkpad, looks to be shaping up to be a great release.

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  8. Sérgio says:

    For those who have beta 3 full updated theres no need to upgrade right?

    • obgr_seneca says:

      If you think about the installed distro on your machine, no.
      But installing this RC would help us, because there’s no other way to see if the installer is working all right on as broad a bandwidth of different machines as possible.

  9. JanKusanagi says:

    Looking forward to an amazing release.
    I’ve been using it here since beta 2, works great 😉

    Thanks for all your work!

  10. djmarian says:

    i hope it works this weekend, dutch mirror worked for me

  11. mad bubble gum says:

    i can’t wait to download and install this on 2nd computer – thank you Mageia dev’s for your hard work!

  12. Jin-tong says:

    Downloading Kde LiveCD… Can’t wait to test it. Mageia 2 will be a great release! Thanks for all your hard work.

  13. Phil says:

    I’m using the LiveCD of Mageia 2 RC, Gnome edition, on my Acer Aspire with I5 cpu and Intel graphics. It seems to be working just fine. It detected everything correctly and all I had to do was input my WiFi passcode to get connected.

    I tried running the same LiveCD on my desktop which is an older AMD Sempron 2500+ 64bit with nVidia GForce 6200 graphics and USB WiFi adapter. The CD booted to the desktop but when I input the passcode I got an IP address but was unable to use the network. I couldn’t even ping the DHCP router that assigned the IP address. I tried with an older USB WiFi adapter, Rebooted and still had the same problem. ( IP address assigned but can’t reach the network.)

    I’m going to try installing it to a spare drive on the desktop later today to see if it works better from the hard drive.

  14. Ya he comenzado a bajar la RC. La probare virtualizada y en una USB realizar pruebas. Como siempre he dicho, no importa q se retrase, lo importante es q el producto final sea estable, agradable y con la menor cantidad posible de problemas. Así q ha ensayarla y a reportar errores, x supuesto, si los hay.

  15. colin-martin says:

    No pressure guys, but I think the whole Linux community is eagerly watching this release. Might be our last chance at making ground in Linux as a viable desktop O/S.

    Thanks for the hard work and I’m looking forward to the final release.

  16. General says:

    Wow. I installed mageia on Thinkpad W510. I’m impressed!

    MultiTouch Display OK
    Optical Drive OK
    Graphics OK
    Sound OK
    Ethernet OK
    Wireless OK
    Bluetooth OK (By headset I have to insert “uinput” in /etc/modules)
    Firewire OK
    Card Reader OK
    ExpressCard Slot OK
    Fingerprint Reader OK (You have to edit /etc/pam.d/system-auth line 5)
    Webcam OK (With skype, you have to edit nodrop=1)


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  19. ZX80Man says:

    A very impresive RC. Looking forward to the finished product.
    I wanted to install VLC, but all I found was a nice set of installed apps.
    Search found nothing. Are you limiting software add-ons till the final release? I choose to install the KDE CD version as per note about the extra drivers. So, why then is the DVD so much larger? (just added lang?) Asked another way: are there more apps on the DVD?
    Ok, works great on this Intell dual quad with ATI 6870 video, Logitech Blue Tooth MX5500 keyboard & Mouse combo. (many others do not)
    Very snappy with smooth graphics. Was able to link to my WDTVLiveHub and it’s drives.
    All in all, looking good. Thanks for the many hours of work.

  20. José Eduardo Martins says:

    I can’t install Mageia 2 RC2 on IBM Proliant server.
    Don’t recognized disks in RAID 5 array.

  21. cin ary says:

    Very nice distro. It is fast and stable, but there is a Sound-Problem by Mageia 2 RC.

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  24. Daniel says:

    What comes after the release? Do you have any promotional events planned in the Netherlands?

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Well, we have some people in the Netherlands, but only a few. So I don’t know. It’s up to our users if and how they want to celebrate Mageia 2 when it’s out. So if you have an idea, best ask in the forums.

  25. Is it just me or the boot progress on the livecd takes toooooo much??

  26. kelk1 says:

    Just updated from β2 on a USB stick plugged in a very recent Precision w/Radeon laptop.

    I have to say, everything in GNOME3 seems to work as designed. I first installed the supposedly KDE-oriented Mandrake in 1999 or 2000, but always preferred other environments. It gives me goosebumps to see what it has become. I have other sticks with other distros and there is no doubt you have succeeded as an recent offshoot much better than the struggling mother tree.

    That sucks to have to open yet one more bugzilla account, but there:


    First time I saw the GIMP2.8 splash screen! That was exciting! However, why did it came up in multi-window mode when that is _the_ most hyped ‘improvement’? Because I had it installed before? It took me about 2s to go to the Windows menu and change the mode by curiosity. It will not take more than that to existing users to get back to multi-mode.

    I realize it is just hype, but…

    Take care people. I must say that in my mind you are now in direct competition with Fedora, which in itself has to be some sort of a compliment 🙂


  27. gavinw says:

    I downloaded the Mageia 2 RC gnome livecd edition and installed on my acer laptop. It is nice and stable. Good work! Though I have been using fedora, I have to admit Mageia 2 gnome edition is better than fedora.

  28. mhsabado says:

    I have installed Mageia2 RC and works great! Thanks for the great work.
    I just want to know where can I downloaded the libcurl-devel dependencies.

  29. Chris says:

    Installed the KDE version of Mageia2.
    Nicely done!
    I’m rather excentric with Linux Distros and I have very specific expectations from each Distro. I’m glad that Mageia is at a such high level of “Awesome” that i will make it my No. 1 Distro (as soon as everything is sorted out ;))

    Great work.

  30. First of all thank you for such a promising OS. Now back to topic. Does it support cedar trail graphics? Which version of Linux kernel will be included in the final release?

    • tmb says:

      Yep. Atleast it should. You can try the RC to confirm it works for you.
      Release kernel is 3.3.6

  31. Mr. Singh says:

    I liked your distro, it is fast and light…. GOOD JOB, thanks…. I used on my netbook without any problem. 🙂 Samsung , Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hdd
    my question why is it not available in Indic languages like Punjabi and also south-east Asian languge like Thai. ,,, Thats the two languages i use most on computer. Thats why i like the distros which support my language. These are the other distro’s i am using on my Laptops, notebooks and desktop BOSS Linux (Panjabi), Hanthana Linux, Linux Tale(Thai Distro) and Edubuntu .
    I want to use your distro on my netbook waiting for final release…… Good Luck

    • Mr. Singh says:

      oops misspelled Linux tale it is Linux TLE …. 🙂

    • tmb says:

      We do support those languages (I didn’t check how much of drakx-* tools are translated), you can check out the Asia livecds…

  32. Andrey says:

    Thanks a lot for your work! Very much it was pleasant! With pleasure I will wait for final release!

  33. Pittschmal says:

    Yesterday I installed the RC 32bit/KDE/Europe2. The boot is slow. NTFS automount difficult, I had to modify the fstab file. It would be nice is a ntfs-config. Dolphin is still an error message when you copy an ext4 partition to NTFS. Java plugin? The “Icedtea” in many cases useless. (bank, chat …). Dragon Player instead of VLC would be enough, although the m4a files do not get along. Which codec is missing? So far, they have experienced, but I like it, nice work. Sorry for my bad english, powered by google translate 🙂

  34. Merkosjal says:

    downloaded and installed on Intel D2700DC but for the luife of me >I can nort figure out where the software installer is. I have looked ad googled for 2 days. My Mageia Control cenrter does not look like the screen shots I have found. There are much fewer options.

    I have no idea where that software installer is nor any luck launching from terminal as I found on soime pages.