Mageia comes full circle

We have two very interesting news items to share today, just a few days before our Mageia 2 final release.

Mandriva Linux community project

Mandriva recently announced  that it will transfer the responsibility of the Mandriva Linux distribution to an independent entity. We would very much like to express our very best wishes for this new entity.

Mageia.Org’s board was contacted privately by Mr. Croset before this announcement, to discuss the opportunity to have Mageia representatives joining their working group (unfortunately the discussion had to be private, as it was requested by Mandriva to keep the information private until their announcement). Ultimately, the Mageia.Org board declined the offer and for clarity we are publishing the reasons for this decision here:

  • the governance model is good and has been defined for very specific reasons: independence of the Mageia project from commercial constraints, democratic elections, meritocratic inclusion, no appointed or reserved positions.It would have been, in our view, an excellent open platform for Mandriva to join. We do not yet know the reasons why Mandriva ultimately felt this was not a good fit for them at this time.
  • We have invested a lot of time and energy over many conversations and discussions to define Mageia on several levels. And we continue to release updates and the betas and RCs for Mageia 2, and we regularly put our contributions back into the Linux ecosystem.
  • We do not have much information about the directions in which this future entity might go, nor about the goals of each of the potential participants.
  • We do not wish to dilute our (small) resources further on a new thing to define and build; we think our priorities are elsewhere right now.
  • All our work is free software, so we can already share code and collaborate with other distributions when needed, without joining a new entity.

Mandriva: welcome back to the party!

Mageia is gaining a derivative product

In other news, Mandriva announced that they will use the Mageia distribution as a technical platform for their new Business Server product.

This decision is the result of discussions that took place between Mandriva and Mageia. A new entity in the Mageia ecosystem is good news.

To make everything clear and avoid any misunderstanding, we would like to remind you of a few points:

  • Mageia is free software, so it is of course possible for anybody to create Mageia derivatives;
  • Mageia welcomes contributions from all individuals and companies as long as they follow the rules of the project;
  • Mageia has a well defined governance model and organization, and there is no plan to change it;
  • Mageia is independent of any company.

And that’s not all!

Mageia 2 is coming next!

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37 Responses to Mageia comes full circle

  1. Boby says:

    Can’t wait for Mageia 2!

  2. Henry A Elkjaer says:

    Magieia is not working , got a ASROCK motherboard E350M1 with amd/ati

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  4. mdturnerinoz says:

    The Mageia 2 RC is awesome; I am looking forward to putting Magieia 2 into “production” on my home systems!

    Great job everyone!

  5. JanKusanagi says:

    Tomorrow’s the day! \o/

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  7. gafoor says:

    Let Mageia independant for ever.

  8. djmarian says:

    I’m happy to be using such a big distribution and if it does not work with my Atom system, it will with my next one. Mandrake has come a long way!

  9. gafoor says:

    Let Mageia independant for ever.
    I´ve tried mageia 2 ever scince beta now through rc
    very good performance.
    I usually use gnome
    other environments occationally not atall KDE.

  10. jeremy says:

    This is a mature and confident response, way to go!

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  16. Keith says:

    The only positive I see to Mandriva is it has more contributed packages. Some things I use, like checkinstall, gtypist, inter alia, are available in the Mandriva repo but not in the Mageia repo (which is OK, as I have my urpmi set up to use Mandriva’s contribs but everything else from Mageia, as most of the core Mageia packages are more up-to-date). On the other hand, Mandriva has strongly implied that it will be at least another year before a new release. In Linux time, that’s unacceptably long.

    I’ve been using Cauldron for a while and it works pretty well, though upgrading from Mageia 1 to Cauldron doesn’t work well with LILO. I have to rerun the installer (upgrading) to set up GRUB as the boot loader and then switch back to LILO after Mageia boots.

  17. Digigold says:

    I wonder if Mr. Croset contacted the people over at Rosa. IMHO, Rosa feels more like the free community version of Mandriva while Mageia feels more like an improvement with a focus on the Desktop. Dollars to donuts MGA 2-Final will crack Distrowatch’s top five! I work at a Cent0S shop, but maybe one day there will be a ManX enterprise distro that can take some of RHEL’s/&clones market share here.

  18. cahingisore says:

    can’t wait any longer..
    where r u mageia 2 ?

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  20. dexter11 says:

    So you remain separate. But will you work together? I mean in any way. I don’t care if you remain a separate legal entity, but it would be much much better if two groups would work on the same code base.

    • boklm says:

      Mageia is independent, we use our own code repository. Collaborations with other distributions are possible, when appropriate. And this is not limited to Mandriva, for instance most of the java packages are created in collaboration with Fedora and OpenSUSE developers.

      • dexter11 says:

        Everybody knows that Mandriva is not just another Linux distro like Fedora or OpenSuse.
        Mageia devs could collaborate with Mandriva in many more ways than with e.g. Fedora (installer, MCC etc.). It’ not a question of independence. No one questions that. It’s a question of focusing on similarities rather than focusing on your differences.
        And since “Mandriva will use the Mageia distribution as a technical platform for their new Business Server product” I think there will be a lot more similarities.

        • Michael says:

          To tell the truth and over the past year, Mageia had far more productive discussion with Fedora and Opensuse people than with Mandriva.

          For example :


          or the various cross distro talk at fosdem this year ( me for the sysadmin, oliver burger for the users advocacy part )

          And regarding collaboration over drakx, this already happen. We look at their version, they look at ours, and Mandriva sync our modification ( we also do when there is something useful to sync but not often the case ).

          Each time people speak of collaboration, I am amazed to see they just repeat the word without even understanding what this would be in practice, or what is currently done. This is free software, collaboration is already all over the place.

          Ask yourself why you never see active free software developpers saying “we should collaborate more”. That’s because they know this is already happening and they know that word are meaningless without concrete action.

  21. honsen says:

    where is mageia two??? it’s already 22. 05….

  22. Piratu' says:

    Even if it’s written black on white that MAGEIA IS AN INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATION (a non profit association in France) there’s are still people that ask this question 🙂

    IMHO Mandriva Linux new entity is a born dead project (or the birth project of their death…). They do not have any money (struggling bankruptcy for almost 2 years now), all valuable people left, most of the community left them too and now with the last breath they will fund a “community project” 🙂

    The only part I don’t understand in this story is why they’ll be using Mageia as base for their server product instead of the “new” Mandriva Linux (community) distro? For me is a non sense!

    But you’re right, let’s get back to our priorities: Mageia 2

    • Michael says:

      There is money. Not sure where it does come from yet, but Mandriva was saved from bankruptcy, and while there isn’t much written plan yet for the community, one of the only thing that were told during GA was it would be funded.

      How, how much, no idea. How this would help, no idea either.

  23. djmarian says:

    yey, i found a torrent of mageia 2
    thanks, community!

  24. Vicx says:

    Congratulations for Mageia 2.

    Well with Mandriva going to die, is there any project to let Mandriva users move to Mageia without reinstalling?, i think that a lot people want to move another O.S. from Mandriva, this could be good for Mageia if there is a way to move easy and fast.


  25. Folks, your example is brilliant to follow — see this archived copy or this disclosure of the private discussion offer.

    Anyways, congrats with release and enjoy another gigabit mirror here in Ukraine 😉

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  27. marcello says:

    And that’s not all!

    Mageia 2 is coming next!

    shouldn’t be mageia 3?

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