Cauldron is boiling again: never 2 without 3

Mageia 2 was released 2 weeks ago. The QA and security teams are working hard to fix bugs and provide security updates. It’s time now to think about our next release: no rest for the Brave!

We have now a full plan for Mageia 3, which will be released in spring 2013:

  • Alpha 1: 2012/09/04
  • Alpha 2: 2012/10/04
  • Alpha 3: 2012/11/06
  • Beta 1: 2012/12/12
  • Version freeze: 2013/01/02
  • Development string freeze: 2013/01/02
  • Artwork freeze: 2013/01/07
  • i18n freeze: 2013/01/07
  • Beta 2: 2013/01/11
  • Beta 3: 2013/02/12
  • Release freeze: 2013/02/21
  • Release Candidate:  2013/03/05
  • Final release: 2013/03/20

At the moment, Mageia teams are working hard on specifications for this coming release. In order to improve the way we manage this, a  policy for proposals submission has been released. A template is now to be used so that we can make better choices, given the content of these proposals and the resources to be allocated.

The final list of specifications should be published in about one week, so stay tuned!

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19 Responses to Cauldron is boiling again: never 2 without 3

    • javorn holder says:

      hi my name is javorn holder an IT tech. i like what u guys are doing and i use mageia everyday on my computer, but there are a few things that i will like to see in mageia2. the icon and mageia control center need a little upgrade, i need away it chang me loging screen wallpaper for gnome 3 and the way the system manage network need some work. i dont like to see the net applet, it just seem out of date. i will like if i click on the network ican it display my ip and other cool infor.

  1. Cheh says:

    Good luck guys!

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  4. Jimenez says:

    Could you pls. use international date format?

    • Franck says:

      Nitpicking, eh ? Replace the slashes with hyphens and you actually get ISO dates.

      • fri says:

        The format, that I am using and the most of Europe with me, at least I think, would be for example: 4. 9. 2012 instead of 2012/09/04 (this look like an American manner: 2012-09-04). For people who aren’t using it, looks it unpleasantly, – and the same situation if there was our variant used for people not using it at all.

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  7. scsijon says:

    Hopefully you will be including what was not included from Mageia 2’s ideas page!

    I was going to start a forum thread in the Ideas and Sugestions section covering things like this, but this way is even better!

  8. FraterLinux says:

    I await news of the LTS version! Since a Mageia was planning to discuss a possible LTS, but since then no new news. Having to replace annual version is a very short time for those who want to use your old machine to the maximum without giving up a KDE or Gnome desktop …

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  10. I think I got a great kudu 2 using Mageia thank you to everyone who contributed to the Epson driver support is lacking and incomplete support for windows video ati video card problems are not minor problems, but not to be exceeded no problem, I’m over all my mind I wanted to say I hope you like a Mageia memmunun general will be much better 3

  11. Mageia 2 indirdim kudum kullanıyorum bence harika emeği geçen herkese teşekkür ederim ve windows video desteği eksik epson sürücü desteği eksik ati ekran kartı ufak tefek sorunlar var ama aşılmayacak sorunlar değil ben hepsini aştım sorun yok memmunun genel olrak fikrimi söylemek istedim inşallah mageia 3 daha güzel olacak

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  13. norberto says:

    I would like faster boot in mageia 3.
    stability : I think is going very well
    theme: I think we should improve.

    but I think they are doing a very good job

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