Our baby’s growing up: Mageia 2 is here

We’re the Mageia community, and we are very happy to announce the release of Mageia 2!

We’ve had a great time building our community and our new release, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can get started right now – see what’s available, choose your version and download it from http://www.mageia.org/2/.

To find out more about Mageia 2 – what’s new and what’s going on in the Mageia community – read on:

What’s new in Mageia 2?

Mageia 2 is a completely new release; you can check the Release Notes to learn more about what’s inside.

You can also take a look at the list of packages upgraded from Mageia 1, by checking the Mageia Apps Database:

Why would you choose Mageia?

Good Software

Mageia 2 is built from the best Free and Open Source software with a constantly expanding choice of apps – there is something for everyone’s taste.

Here are some of the nice things included in Mageia 2:

  • KDE 4.8.2 – KDE 4.8.2 SC, the current release of the popular KDE desktop
  • razorqt 0.4.1 – The latest release of the new lightweight Qt desktop
  • LXDE
  • Sugar
  • GNOME 3.4.1
  • XFCE 4.8.3
  • Digikam and Showfoto 2.6 – The latest release of these leading photograph management systems
  • VLC 2.0.1 – The latest version of the popular do it all media player
  • Flash Player Plugin 11.2 – Up to date and secure version of Adobe’s popular web content player
  • Skype – Easy installer for this common VOIP client
  • Firefox ESR 10 – Long Term Support version of the Firefox Browser
  • Chromium Browser 18 – The latest version of the Open Source upstream project for Google’s Chrome Browser
  • GIMP 2.8 – Featuring the all new single window interface
  • Amarok 2.5 -Popular media player written in Qt

For more information, check the Release Notes for the complete list.

Great Community

Mageia is a community as well as a distribution. This means that you can be part of the teams putting your distro together; your voice is welcome as we work out where Mageia is going and how we’re getting there.

Mageia is all about communicating. We talk together on IRC, on the forums, on the wiki, on mailing lists; we meet often, and we welcome your feedback on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Identi.ca, Diaspora…

We’re a community distribution and we’re very happy for companies to be part of our community. We’ll even credit you!

Join us – be part of making your software the way you want it.

Open Support

Mageia’s bug reporting system is open to everyone, as are the mailing lists and community support, making it easier for you to have your voice heard and follow what is happening – and you don’t need to subscribe or pay to have access to the fully tested and prompt security updates.

Nice New Clothes

Not only has Mageia’s look been updated, but the appearance of applications has been unified, giving a smoother appearance regardless of desktop:

Mageia 2 screenshot

Welcome to Mageia 2!

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Curious about Mageia? Download it, give it a try and tell us how you feel about it.

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73 Responses to Our baby’s growing up: Mageia 2 is here

  1. JanKusanagi says:


    Now let’s make some noise 😀

  2. eemm says:

    bravo !

  3. Jin-tong says:


  4. arijit says:

    Great! Congratulations!

    just a note, the date written in the download link (at the home page) is wrongly written as 12 may..

  5. arijit says:

    sorry, neglect my comment about the date!

  6. osifa says:

    A wonderful and very successful work.

    Thanks Mageia team.

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  8. Juan R says:

    Cada día van mejorando más, Felicitaciones!!

  9. Kangdede says:

    Congratulations! I Love Mageia!

  10. Cahya says:

    The KDE preview looks charming, congratulations for the release! :).

  11. Bob Hinds says:

    I have been testing/upgrading Mageia 2 since beta 3. It has been very solid.

    Question, how long will Mageia 2 be supported?

  12. Luis Marín says:

    Muchas Gracias Mageia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Por Fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MichaelSOG says:

    At least!!

    Welcome Mageia 2 🙂

  14. Luthfi Emka says:

    Good news! Happy downloading and upgrading guys!

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  17. cahingisore says:

    Lha iki ra sing tak enteni..
    wis njedul… langsung download !

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  19. Mark Yeung says:

    Great Stuff! Will try this out!

  20. bakuka says:

    Gr8! I thinks i should replace Ubuntu 12.04 by Mageia 2. Yahooooooooooooo!!!!

  21. Robert Fox says:

    Proud of the team – great job!

  22. CandyMan says:

    A very big thanks for me, looking forward to the weekend to upgrade 😉

  23. Gelsenbury says:

    Download finished, checksum matches … let’s give this a try! Thank you, Mageia. 🙂

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  25. asdx says:

    I’m disappointed, I wanted to see nouveau by default and also KDE 4.8.3.

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  28. R.B. says:

    Excellent work. One of the best if not absolutely the best of all the Linux distros. Congratulations.

  29. asdx says:

    KDE 4.8.2 is not the current release, the current release is 4.8.3 which fixed a nasty bug for kmix, please provide an easy way to upgrade.

  30. pep says:

    gran trabajo! a mi me funciona mucho mejor que Mint, Ubuntu, etc.
    si tengo instalada la RC ya me vale? tengo que volver a instalar?


    • obgr_seneca says:

      Translation according to Google:
      “Great job! Works better for me than Mint, Ubuntu etc.
      If I have installed the RC and it is ok for me, do I have to reinstall?”

      No, just update the RC now, then delete the Cauldron repos and add the Mga2 ones.

  31. Ajatshatru says:

    Congratulations on the new release. I will try it today and am sure I will like it. I hope mageia 3 wwill switch to grub 3.

  32. Ajatshatru says:

    Congratulations on the new release. I will try it today and am sure I will like it. I hope mageia 3 wwill switch to grub 2.

  33. TomG says:

    Congratulations to the team, and thank you for an excellent release. The KDE edition looks very good, and I know that I will enjoy using it.

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  36. Andrey says:

    Thanks a lot for your work!!! Super!!!

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  42. Distrohopper:-) says:

    I’m constantly undecided on what distro to use… but now, i’ve find a home in mageia 2! Congratulations for the excellent work. This is a ‘must-try’ distro…

  43. Distrohopper:-) says:

    I just replaced Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Linux Mint 13 maya (LTS) with Mageia 2. Will I have an LTS for Mageia 2? or Can i just upgrade when Mageia 3 comes? I wanna have a stable system not to uninstall, install and reinstall distros.

    Excellent distro though… Go for Mageia 2!

    • Samuel Verschelde (Stormi) says:

      Yes, upgrade from Mageia 2 to Mageia 3 will be supported. No decision that I am aware of has been taken so far regarding a LTS version. The main criterion being what our packagers and QA Team can handle. We already are passing from one release to maintain (Mageia 1) to two (Mageia 1 + Mageia 2), so let us absorb the new workload and then we can see if a LTS is realist 🙂

      And there’s a way to make it happen: help us 🙂

      QA team’s work is not hard but needs some time, we test every update candidate to the stable releases, security fixes, etc., so the more people we are, the more likely it is that we can have a LTS version!


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  46. F1L0 says:

    Great Mageia 2!!

    Some screenshots here: http://linuxscreenshot.netsons.org/mageia-2/

  47. Praxis says:

    Congratulations. I wonder now that Mandriva is moving to a community distribution rather than corporate-owned if Mageia and Mandriva will merge. It seems like a good idea to me, less duplication of effort. But I haven’t used Mandriva for a few years and don’t really see the point for myself. I’m comfortable with apt and Ubuntu just released a version that will be supported for 5 years on the desktop, upgrading every 18 months is a PITA (I’d rather see a new Mageia version every year supported for 2+ years).

  48. bsa says:

    i love this distro! got it on 3 computers and it runs great.. everything works and no broadcom wireless issues.. thats usually a hit or miss with some linux distros ..thank you so much mageia, for the free time you guys put into a great distro.. we appreciate it alot.

  49. bsa says:

    what music player widget is that?

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  54. zxc232 says:

    A wonderful and very successful work.

    Thanks Mageia team.

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