Mageia 1 reaching EOL

This is a reminder about the end of life process for Mageia 1.

Mageia 1 got the project off to a great start, and is soon heading for a well deserved rest.

According to our support policy every release is supported for 18 months which means Mageia 1 will reach end of life on the December 1st, 2012.

This means that it will not receive any further security or bug fix updates after that date. You are encouraged to upgrade to Mageia 2 to remain fully updated.

Please see here for more information on upgrading.

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12 Responses to Mageia 1 reaching EOL

  1. Nikola says:

    Hallo friends! Thanks for reminding this. Mageia 3 is gonna hit the top of Distrowatch in a few months, thanks to Mageia’s community excellent work!
    There is a nice piece of software in witch, if included in Mageia, I believe it would help many people working with video stuff and home media players.
    Keep up Mageia!

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  5. kechjo says:

    I can’t imagine people still using Mageia 1. Even before Mageia 2, I was using Cauldron because of how incredibly outdated Mageia 1’s packages were.

  6. Mark says:

    For older machines, will Mageia 1 still be available for download?

  7. Alfredo says:

    Please try not to leave the “older” machines behind when developing new versions… Some of us really don’t like feeling somewhat pushed into making unnecessary donations to corporate CEO’s big pockets (by having to buy new equipment, when the “old” works just fine) while simultaneously donating to the landfill….

  8. Stan Thomas says:

    “I can’t imagine people still using Mageia 1.”

    Then you will be very disappointed to learn that I only moved to Mageia 1 from Mandriva 2010.2 in the last month. Not because this 16G, Core-i7 can’t cope with something newer but because I look for stability, reliability and familiarity.
    I have to report that I’m very happy and very impressed with Mageia 1. Thank you. Shame it’s reached end-of-life. I’m trying Mageia 2 out in a VirtualBox VM but I don’t anticipate moving the base system up any time soon (Gnome 3.x is the stumbling block for me).

    I was kinda hoping that the next FF/ Thunderbird ESR release (17 I think) would make it to Mageia 1. Any chance?

  9. tony blackwell says:

    Have stayed with M1 as main system because of Gnome2, but will move on to M3 as it matures. Gnome have recently said they’ll bring back some ‘classic’ stuff; time will tell…

  10. Robert Wood says:

    “I can’t imagine people still using Mageia 1.”

    I run M1 on my laptop and M2 on my desktop. M2 offers me *nothing* – other than GIMP2.8 – over M1, and that’s just a nicety. Why would I change something that works perfectly? It’s just a pain having to install a new OS after only running this for a year.

    If there are no security risks not updating, I will certainly be sticking with M1 for some time to come on the laptop, where it takes a lot of setting up.