From great to excellent!

Quick update – deadline for submissions is November 30, so please let us have your contribution really soon!

Mageia 2 looks good – now let’s see what you can really do!

Before we look to Mageia 3, we would like to thank everyone who helped with the production of the artwork for Mageia 2. It was really great to work with all of you.

With Mageia 2 out in the wild, it’s time to turn our attention to  Mageia 3. Using what we’ve learned from the last 2 releases we hope, with your help, to make Mageia 3 really beautiful.

Our call now is to anyone and everyone who has anything to contribute: please get involved!

No matter whether you have finished artwork, a vague idea, a basic sketch… please share it, so we can all look at each others’ work, finish what needs finishing and build it into Mageia 3. We’re gathering ideas as much as we’re getting the final pieces done, so if your work is still  in progress, post it and tell us where you see it going.

We need: wallpapers, icon sets, themes, colour schemes or just your lovely constructive criticism.

Please remember: Any and all contributions must be original work licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 3.0 license.

What to do and where to go to help:

We look forward to seeing your work and your ideas and welcoming you to the team.

PS: If you don’t want to sign up to flickr, you can either post links  to your artwork in the forum thread (see the link above), or send links  to the Atelier mailing list.

Thanks in advance!
The Mageia Atelier team

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7 Responses to From great to excellent!

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  5. Alfredo Gormezano says:

    PLEASE put support back in for NVidia GeForce FX5200 videocard (and similar)…. I’d like to keep using Mageia on all my computers, and have been very disappointed to have to switch to other distributions since Mageia2 came out… I’d like to come back to Mageia and be able to stay without having to shell out the money for new videocards… Yes, I know it’s considered “old”, however it works just fine. Don’t turn more cards into garbage… please… There’s enough unneccesary junk in our landfills wiythout adding in perfectly usable Video cards… Thanks

    • tmb says:

      Well, the reason proprietary nvidia FX support was disabled on Mga2 release was that the nVidia driver at that time did not support the x11-server we have.
      Now that has changed and there are packages in updates_testing that should “soonish” be released to updates after QA validation.

  6. newbie says:

    I follow your instructions for installing Radeon firmware, what’s next?