All grown up and ready to go dancing: Mageia 3’s out!

We still can’t believe how much fun it is to make Mageia together, and we’ve been doing it for two and a half years.

For people who can’t wait, get it here; release notes are here. To upgrade from Mageia 2, see here.

business_cardBefore we get to the rest of the information: we dedicate this release to the memory of Eugeni Dodonov, our friend, our colleague and a great inspiration to those he left behind. We miss his brilliance, his courtesy and his dedication.

 What’s new in Mageia 3?

You can take a look at the complete list of packages upgraded from Mageia 2, by checking the Mageia Apps Database:

  • Applications – see all the new and updated applications in Mageia 3;
  • All updated packages – see all the packages with new versions

Major new features

  • Updates to RPM (4.11) and urpmi, which has been given a good Mageia turnout and cleanup
  • Kernel 3.8
  • systemd 195
  • GRUB is the default bootloader; GRUB2 is available to test.
  • Revamped package groupings for installation and rpmdrake
  • KDE 4.10.2
  • GNOME 3.6.
  • Xfce 4.10
  • Libreoffice 4.0.3

AND: Steam for linux!
See the Release Notes and Mageia App DB for the complete list.

Why choose Mageia?


We all work together – to make the best distribution we can, and to help each other. Come and join us, and make some of the best friends you’ll ever meet – on IRC, on the Forums, in any of the teams, on Google+ , on Facebook – or follow us on Twitter.

Open Support

Mageia’s bug reporting system is open to everyone, as are the mailing lists and community support. That makes it easier for you to have your voice heard and follow what is happening. And access to our fully tested and prompt security updates is free of charge for everyone.

Looking good!

You’ll notice that we have updated our logo! Thanks to Nicolas Duval for this great design. Still Mageia, still the cauldron, but with a real Mageia quirk…

New Mageia logo - dark version

New Mageia logo

Thanks again to Leo for our great new background. Mageia’s Atelier team hopes you’ll like our new look as much as we liked making it.


We couldn’t do it without…

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the people who donated their time to make this release possible, and all the people who donated money allowing us to buy the servers that we use to build the distribution.

All of us Mageians have been depending on Gandi and Ielo, who have been quietly sponsoring Mageia since the begining of the project. Gandi has been providing us machines on their cloud infrastructure that we use to host the blog and the website. Ielo has been providing space in their datacenter, and the network connection, to host all our other servers that we use for all the Mageia infrastructure such as the packages build system, bug tracker, mailing lists, main mirror, etc… Thank you!

Welcome to Mageia 3!

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Curious about Mageia? Download it, give it a try and tell us how you feel about it.

Want to bring something to it? Learn how you can contribute and donate.

75 Responses to All grown up and ready to go dancing: Mageia 3’s out!

  1. Islam Ragab says:

    Amazing features and fabulous artwork 🙂
    I’m downloading Mageia 3 right now.

  2. Mustafa says:


  3. Jin-tong says:


  4. chaosphere says:

    Great! Already in download! Thanks! 😀

  5. ianoscar80 says:

    Congrats…. waiting in front of my Laptop since 18 march…. now downloading

  6. jclvanier says:

    Good job! I will try it asp 🙂

  7. Thomas Denham says:

    I am sat at my laptop awaiting the download to finish, excited!!! Thank you Mageia! Number 1 distro! 😀

  8. MOJE says:


  9. LuxPro says:

    Congratulations and Thank You!

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  11. Jordan Clarke says:

    Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this fabulous release! And thanks for releasing it mere days after my birthday – it’s a perfect gift! 😉

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  13. skrishnakar says:

    Great Effort Mageia team, Keep up good work, I wish you will be One of the best stable community friendly distro.

    Wish you good luck !!


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  15. jander says:

    Mageia, you’re great! and a class act to remember Eugeni Dodonov. Go Mageia, go!

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  18. Koos Uys says:

    Woohooo!!!! I am sitting watching this space like a hawk the past week.

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  20. isadora says:

    Big thanks for all those having made it possible.
    And what a fantastic gesture dedicating 3 to Eugeni.

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  22. ipristy says:

    They say Steam, but i can’t find it in RC.

    • Rémi Verschelde says:

      Steam is indeed in the Nonfree Release repository:

      But actually I think you can’t find it now because you are using the RC. As far as I can tell, the Cauldron tree was changed to 3, and the sysadmins are now branching the repos to restart Cauldron for the development of Mageia 4.
      My guess would be that on the RC, your repos are configured for Cauldron, and they are empty for now. You’d have to switch to the Mageia 3 stable repositories to be able to download packages anew.

      EDIT: It seems I was wrong, somebody told me on #mageia that the Cauldron repos should still be active. Did you configure the media sources? And did you active the Nonfree Release repository, or just Core Release?

  23. r says:

    I think I have just found my new OS. I’ve been wanting to get away from what buntu is becoming. KDE version looks very nice. Thank you.

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  25. Congratulations Mages!!!

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  29. Greg says:

    Just did a clean install from the kde-dvd (reusing existing /home)

    …worked without a hitch!

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  32. RoseHosting says:

    Congratulations and thanks for your hard work!

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  36. Chris says:

    Installation without a hassle, Everything went smooth. Steam Package is available but sadly no bumblebbe 🙁

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  42. Kjetil Ervik says:

    Very good, the best distro I’ve tested so far in the past 10 years.
    The only thing that remains is well Netflix and Silverlight support. But this depends both of Microsoft! But it really is legally permissible and shut out a whole computer systems from web-tv movies this way Microsoft does? I highly doubt it. Had someone been Microsoft understands the court, they had never succeeded from the competition till the sight / authorities. Microsoft uses Silverlight proven to squeeze out Linux from the market, which is not allowed.

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  44. Jax says:

    Awesome news! Thanks people! Taking this long to make a new version is actually GREAT! I hate to keep upgrading OS every few months, to end up with a buggy version because someone is in a rush.

    One version per year is more than enough, instability, good look and less bugs will do it for this great distro!

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  46. Pachenko says:

    I see no way to use the dvd to upgrade. Any clues?

    • MrsB says:

      You may be trying to upgrade an i586 installation with the x86_64 DVD or vica versa, which is not possible.

      The option to upgrade is offered if you choose ‘Install Mageia 3’ from the boot menu. It’s the 2nd or 3rd step after choosing your keyboard layout etc. it will detect existing Mageia installations and allow you to choose whether to upgrade one of them.

      If you need any further assistance please visit our forums where people will be very happy to help 🙂

      • Pachenko says:

        Yes, I found an image on this site that showed the upgrade option was later in the Install option, and just trusted enough top continue “Install” ing – I upgraded overnight. Confusing though, though from a user experience point of view.

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  51. Mandrake user since Festen, concerned when all the devs were let go, followed the organizing and development of Mageia, refreshed screen till the finished dvd iso was available and installed Mageia 1. never looked back. As far as I’m concerned, you are the people that kept me coming back to Mandrake, so it was only natural to stick with the team that is consistently doing it right.

  52. b says:

    congrats on the best distro thank you for this release and the hard work u all do

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  55. Mag1user says:

    Excellent distro ….. I recommend to everyone in office who wants to use linux to try mageia 3. Keep up the good work. Everything works ……. not a single bug to complain about.

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  57. Gafoor says:

    Do not drop ever the Gnome Desktop.Which made Mandriva Fail.

  58. tikijo says:

    Thanks alot for a beautiful distro, i’m back from mandriva, find mageia 2, and now very happy with mageia 3. thanks a lot for the team. GBU.tiq

  59. Gafoor says:

    Downloaded DVD 86-64 .but while installing release date is 23rd april 2013.
    Actual release date is may 19th

  60. dro says:

    broadcom works while running the live DVD and the live CD and lets you connect but when you install the distro on the harddrive then you don’t have wifi anymore…it worked fine in mageia 2 also..

  61. Meo says:

    NO damn splash screen when choosing Hibernate from menu while pm-hibernate shows it. Where do I change the command called from the menu?

  62. Great! Published by me (Alessandro17) at InsanelyMac.

  63. ipristy says:

    Ok, some questions…

    Can’t find any System Monitor under Gnome install (using classic session).
    Steam was found after adding non-free, but it crashes when Flash video is used.
    Opera install on AMD AM3 socket CPU (non-SSSE3 CPUs) and i get black tabs sort of.

  64. kanwarpP says:

    Like what I see of Mageia so far (last 24 hours). The only downside (for me) is that network profiles don’t work as expected. I have configured one for Work and another for Home. The work one has proxy on etc. However, it hung during boot when i chose home network profile. I had to remove one profile completely. I guess choosing the network profile could be more intuitive and streamlined.

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  66. tikijo says:

    Thankyou so much for beautiful distro. Everything work OK.
    It’s really a good job. Only have one question: Why SMPlayer cannot play MP4 file? In Mandriva 11 it work very good. Do I must choose another player that fit for mageia 3
    thanks alot and GBU

  67. osifa says:


    İf you install mplayer from tainted repository, smplayer plays mp4 file and other media.

  68. Sai Prashanth says:

    I am new to Linux & this is my first linux distribution it automatically installed all the drivers without any issue, I am using it for browsing the Web and it works great… Thank you mageia team for creating a wonderful o’s.