Mageia 4 already!

Planning and specifications

The time has come again. After some time working on the post-mortem for Mageia 3 release, the time has arrived for a new schedule for the next release, Mageia 4.

Here it is! We included some extra important dates from the development process:

  • Alpha 1: 2013/08/08
  • Alpha 2: 2013/09/06
  • Unmaintained packages adoption campaign: 2013/09/13
  • Alpha 3: 2013/10/02
  • Version freeze: 2013/10/15
  • New strings freeze: 2013/10/15
  • Distro rebuild: 2013/10/16
  • Beta 1: 2013/10/31
  • Artwork freeze: 2013/11/15
  • Beta 2: 2013/11/28
  • Translations freeze: 2013/12/14
  • Release freeze: 2013/12/14
  • RC: 2013/12/17
  • Internal release: 2014/01/24
  • Final release: 2014/02/01

After some weeks of (interesting) discussions, we went though the features process to define the official list for Mageia 4. The choice was based on the existing policy.  As usual, we received a lot of proposals. Here are the successful ones:

  • include some more desktop choices,
  • refresh some of our drakx tools,
  • improve our distribution for newcomers,
  • a lot of system cleaning,
  • some more tools to help packagers

and many others…

Now the game has started. Let’s see all of you for the first alpha release!

Now is a great time to become more involved, come along and help to make Mageia. Mageia is made by people just like you. There are many ways to get involved, not all of which are technical. For a list of teams you can join, see this wiki page. Joining is easy, just subscribe to the relevant mailing list and send an email to introduce yourself, saying you’d like to get involved. You will be made very welcome and help and mentoring is always given where required.

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17 Responses to Mageia 4 already!

  1. ShamballaJones says:

    This is great news! Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to get V4 out.

    Could you supply a link to the V4 Alpha downloads so we can test it? 🙂

  2. ShamballaJones says:

    Ah, its’ here;

    But at present all of the links are “Forthcoming” – I guess I’m a bit too early. 🙂

  3. zamri says:

    Looking forward to this.

  4. Piratu says:

    There is an error here ”Internal release: 2013/01/24”! You meant 2014/01/24, right?

  5. steve says:

    Glad to see more DE choices…gnome shell is awful right out of the box.

    • MrsB says:

      There are already kde, lxde, xfce, e17, windowmaker, razor-qt, icewm, openbox, fvwm & sugar if you don’t like gnome (and possibly some I’m forgetting).

      The ones being added though in Mageia 4 are mate and cinnamon.

      • Piratu says:

        Nice, will this DE be proposed as installer options too, alongside KDE and Gnome? At least most popular of them, like XFCE and LXDE.

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  9. cobusmageia says:

    I want to thank all the Mageia developers for all their work on this fantastic operating system and I cant wait until V4 comes out.

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