Second Call: Artwork needed for Mageia 4

Mageia 4 is nearly in place… now all it needs is a beautiful face!

We still need original artwork to serve as the official wallpaper for Mageia 4, as well as for installer elements, website motif, CD/DVD labels, and so much more. Your work could become the first thing people see, when they encounter one of the world’s safest, most stable, and best-supported open source operating systems.

We absolutely must have your ideas ready in time for the Release Candidate, but it would be far better to include it in a Beta release. So please, check out the Artwork Guidelines on the Mageia Wiki for all the hints and resources you need, to create Mageia 4’s new visual identity.

For release date and deadline information, please consult the Mageia Blog post here. Please submit your artwork to the Flickr pool.

Come join the worldwide team of developers, artists, technical experts and other creative minds that make up the Mageia community, at

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