Take a (small) break before Mageia 4 beta 2 is out

As you may have seen on our planning, we are a bit late for Mageia 4 beta 2. We are working on fixing very last annoying bugs and testing the isos. The beta 2 release should be out very soon. Then we will wait for your intensive tests to finalize this new version of Mageia 4.

Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Take a (small) break before Mageia 4 beta 2 is out

  1. Pachenko says:

    An easy as click version for Virtual testing would be useful

  2. liberforce says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve tested beta 1 on a friend’s notebook and I still have problems with Intel 945GM graphics which is completely buggy.
    Relevant bugs:

    As I’ve been keeping this machine since march (tried with Mageia 3, was buggy too), and have to give it back, I think I’ll have to try if it works better with Debian and pray…

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