Mageia 4 beta 2 is out for Christmas



Finally Mageia 4 beta 2 release is available for testing. Lots of effort was put into fixing the remaining blocking bugs. This is not yet finished but we are proud of the current results. Lots of work was done on drakxtools and classical installer to switch from that good old Gtk2 to Gtk3.

The documentation and i18n teams have also improved a lot of online documents and translations to make it available in as many languages as possible.

Your feedback is more essential than ever to finalize this fourth release of Mageia!

More information about beta 2:

Enjoy it and may you all have a very happy Christmas!

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14 Responses to Mageia 4 beta 2 is out for Christmas

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  5. azrak anonim says:

    The same problem as old release :
    Can’t connect to wireless Atheros AR9287 ( ath9k driver)

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  9. I tried the live DVD last saturday and EUREKA!, it finally saw my laptop’s battery 😀
    I filed this bug back when Mageia 1 appeared. The only fix was to compile the kernel but it wasn’t totally working for Mageia 3.

    Thanks for the hard work and improvements for this version. So far it all works good for me.

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  12. mageia superuser says:


    why are you still using GTK if KDE is obviously and most used desktop environment? or just use both qt under KDE and gtk under GNOME… Most important is consistence of DE. Is it really so hard, qt is much better?

  13. vattuvarg says:

    Downloaded beta two with great anticipation but no matter what i try it simply won’t run well on my Lenovo laptop (B575e). The only result i get is a long loading time and then a black screen, nothing else. Looking forward to trying out the next version with the same anticipation but now with my fingers crossed.