Our warm thanks to a long time contributor and friend

Thomas SpuhlerIt is with a heavy heart that we address our warmest thanks to our friend Thomas Spuhler for his Mandriva and Mageia contributions over the last decade. After fighting colon cancer for over a year, he finally had to surrender on Saturday September 17, 2016, at the age of 68. He leaves behind his beloved wife, sons and grandchildren, to whom our thoughts go in this difficult time.

Thomas had been contributing to Mageia, and Mandriva before that, since 2009 as a packager, and much earlier already partaking in email discussions and bug reports. His packaging interests were mostly web and server-related components, for which his contributions were invaluable. He had to step back from his Mageia responsibilities in early August due to his health condition.

He was a lively fellow and we will sorely miss him. He was particularly fond of the Oro Valley in Arizona, USA, where he had been living for the last 20 years, and which gave him his IRC nickname (Oro_Valley).

Pusch Ridge from Oro Valley

Pusch Ridge from Oro Valley, © CC BY-SA 3.0 Dan Huff

Again, thanks a lot for everything Thomas, it was great having you around for all those years!

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10 Responses to Our warm thanks to a long time contributor and friend

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  3. Eatdirt says:

    Damned SAD! 🙁
    That’s a nice tribute, thanks Rémi. He will be very missed in Mageia!!!!!
    We’re all so close within Mageia, but so far in distance and social contact, that it is always quite a trauma to discover these bad news at the very last 🙁

  4. Oooooh my! I didn’t know him in person, but I feel as if I lost a family member (The user community of Mageia). R.I.P, “brother”. God will take care of you now.

  5. Oh no this is bad have no words to say,i hope he get peace in heaven with angels around.

  6. Maât says:

    Tu laisses en ce monde une trace inspirante qui allège un peu la peine de t’avoir perdu

    Repose de la paix du juste Thomas !

  7. Jeff says:

    My wife and I appreciate this tribute to Thomas in the fullest! Thank you Megeia Family!

  8. isadora says:

    It was only today i read this message.
    I fully understand the situation Thomas has gone through, and wish all the strength and best for his closests.