Mageia 5 Support Extension and General Update

With the delays to Mageia 6 and the approaching initial end of life (EOL) for Mageia 5 (initially planned for early December), we felt that it would be good to give an update on where things were with both Mageia 5 and 6.

Firstly, every release so far has been supported until 3 months after the next release, and Mageia 5 will be no different. Since Mageia 6 is being delayed, Mageia 5’s support is automatically extended in order to give users 3 months to upgrade before Mageia 5 stops receiving security updates.

We will also be releasing the Mageia 5.1 ISOs very soon (They are hopefully in their final round of testing now). This will allow for new systems to be installed with all the updates that Mageia 5 has received. As for Mageia 4.1, these are new ISOs of the same release, so the installed Mageia 5.1 systems will rely on the same Mageia 5 repositories and will get the same support. We will announce the final EOL as soon as Mageia 6 is released, but you can already count on more than 3 months for now.

Secondly, Mageia 6 has not been forgotten. We had issues with the ISO building server but now that these have been resolved and progress on 5.1 is good, the next milestone release towards Mageia 6 will shortly follow the release of Mageia 5.1. Developers have of course not been idle even though no ISOs were produced, and Cauldron is in a very good shape with many updates and fixes, so we hope that the next milestones (stabilisation snapshot 2, release candidate(s), final) will arrive soon and close to each other.

In other news, we had a booth at the Paris Open Source Summit, a full write up will follow shortly.

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13 Responses to Mageia 5 Support Extension and General Update

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  4. Stan Towianski says:

    My only comment is that it would be nice if you keep people informed way more often. Way back when Andy Williams was it?, was around, he did a very good job at it. I assume you’re working for free, so I cannot complain. I hope Mag 6 turns out great. Thanks.

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  8. John says:

    Speaking of older hardware, I just installed Mageia 5 on an older Dell with a E7400 (2.8GHz dual core) CPU and 4GB RAM. It does have a 120GB OCZ Vector (the old model-good one) and it’s pretty snappy for web surfing and it’s running KDE. I installed Xfce too so they can see/use it and I can use it to fix things should they trash KDE. I’m totally a KDE guy, just love it.

    I’m setting it up for my 8 year old granddaughter and my 12 year old grandson. I remember being that age, wishing I had a computer and I’m hoping they do something besides Supertux. I’m making sure to give them various PDF’s on BASH and GIMP etc, and show them the help and man pages.

    They say they want to learn about it so I’m doing my best to get them started and will get them a much better computer if they do show an interest in how it works. I’ve explained to them that they’ll have everything they need to write programs and they want to write “games” of course. Again, I’m hoping when they see all it can do they’ll take an interest in sound, graphics and video.

    It’s going to be theirs and they’ll be free to change it however they like but I’m going to make sure to explain to them that they need to read about it so they’ll understand what they’re doing instead of going click happy all of the time. It’s pretty easy to find what you want if you Google the right terms.

    I do want to thank all of the people who work so hard to make Mageia what it is and that’s a great, solid OS! I’d probably be a programmer if I had these tools at 8 years old. I remember reading about Unix and as you know that stuff was so far out of reach in those days (late 70’s – early 80’s).

    Who knows what they might do, but I know they won’t do anything if I don’t introduce them to it like I’m going to. I’ve noticed Mageia/KDE seems to be faster/smoother after some of the recent changes, I’m impressed.

    Yes, we’re all patiently looking forward to Mageia 6, and again, thank you so much for all of the work you have done and are doing to provide Mageia. It’ll be a great lesson for the kids, teaching them how to upgrade and solve problems. For 8 years old my granddaughter is pretty sharp, very smart, and I expect her to be the one to surprise me.

    Happy Holidays to everyone at Mageia!

  9. It is mor important to have a good “polished” and stable distro than a fast realease. So, continue with your excelent job guys.

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