Happily Announcing Mageia 5.1

As we’re getting closer to the end of the year, Mageia has a present for you! We are very pleased to announce the release of Mageia 5.1!

This release like Mageia 4.1 was in its time – is a respin of the Mageia 5 installation and Live ISO images, based on the Mageia 5 repository and incorporating all updates to allow for an up to date installation without the need to install almost a year and a half worth of updates. It is therefore recommended for new installations and upgrades from Mageia 4.

The new images are available from the downloads page, both directly and through torrents.

If you are currently running Mageia 5 then there is no need to install Mageia 5.1 as it is the same as your system, provided that updates have been installed.

Mageia 5.1 ships with many updated packages, including LibreOffice 4.4.7, Linux kernel 4.4.32, KDE4 4.14.5, GNOME 3.14.3 and countless other updates.

The full release notes and errata contain further details about the supported hardware.  The important addition is that 5.1 can now be installed on NVMe based drives. Mageia 5 and by extension, 5.1 will be supported until 3 months after Mageia 6 is released, full details can be seen here.

This release was possible due to the hard work of the QA and ISO testing teams, as well as the work put in from the rest of the Community in packaging, tracking bugs and keeping up with security announcements. The testing of the updates and ISO images for all releases is a large job, and any help with this is greatly appreciated. The QA team has a very wide range of tasks so if you want to become involved, or are interested in learning more about the QA Team, please see here , or contributing to Mageia in general.

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19 Responses to Happily Announcing Mageia 5.1

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  2. john w. says:

    404 – Not Found

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  8. Lloyd says:

    Burned 5.1 to DVD already!

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  14. jmm5.1 says:

    Yeah! 😀 Mageia is very cool distro. 🙂

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  16. Remi says:

    I use Mageia for at my office, at home, on my laptop (definitively great) and on small computers to drive scientific instruments. I would be interested a lot with a distro running on ARM computer, like raspberry pi, but also with live CD build using LXDE.