Mageia supports LibreOffice

After the announcement of LibreOffice, Mageia decided to give full official support to this new project.

There are obvious similarities between the histories of Mageia and LibreOffice. Because both projects futures were unclear, teams decided – in both projects respectively – to create a fork that respects the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) principles and sets a more predictable governance model that relies on its community.

We believe LibreOffice will be a great success for developers and users alike and that it will provide full and efficient document-processing applications based on open standards.

We look forward to packaging, and contributing to the LibreOffice project and we will provide it in the upcoming Mageia releases.

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13 Responses to Mageia supports LibreOffice

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  8. jorge says:

    es muy bueno que le den soporte a libre office que bueno espero que el nacimiento de mageia sea durarero que les valla muy bien saludos

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  10. wolf says:

    I totally support mageia’s decision , free software cannot be constrained by some commercial corporitions .

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  12. nor thern says:

    was able to launch libreoffice3 from command line without Java Runtime Environment
    installed on MDV 2010.1 .
    libreoffice without Java dependencies would allow greater freedom of choice for Mageia.

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