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  3. Livio says:

    January? That’s really quick. I didn’t expect it that soon.

    I’m gonna try it out when it arrives. I feel a need to move from Ubuntu, but didn’t have a success moving away using LiveUSB. Gonna retest with Mageia 😉 .

  4. Tony Blackwell says:

    Logo choice:
    FWIW I _vastly_ prefer the logo by alexsim22. Has a 3D look, jewel at the top of wizard’s staff, suggests rising up above the others. Many others offered are cluttered, flat, drab and confused by comparison

  5. fri says:

    When the preliminary period for new symbolics was closed, I would like to tell something about the theme, that I don´t see between suggestions.

    Every day I am walking along the simple little monument – imagine the board with white pigeon (dove) within the red field – stylized dove of peace. Of course in last years the vandals made their artistic work too – tiles forging the “red” field and white colour of dove are quite sprayed, but the symbol remains: additionnaly a little heart was added to that dove by someone.

    I would like to see this theme worked up by professionals, when I am not skilled graphic designer.

  6. Larry Lugo says:

    Congrats for the huge effort and achievements to all of you but specially to the founders. As I commented several weeks ago, Mandriva 2010 spring is the best Linux distro I have used to date. So, a better distro based on fork of a wonderful Linux version is only possible with magic, hence Mageia is the only way for doing the best even better, but … do you have enough time to complete this challenging task for January?
    I think Mandriva is a mature project with a solid support from the Community. For instance, I could mention to Livio that the command LiveToUSB (from MIB people) performs smoothly. In fact, as an associated professor at La Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela), I’ll begin a project soon named “My PC in a pocket” using that tool for creating persistent Mandriva One 2010 Spring USB stick version. Considering this example, I’m really worried about dividing the community between the two projects: Mageia vs. Mandriva, loosing partially the member’s strength and experience. Or, will Mageia be the final step to kill Mandriva which has been developed for most of the founder? Initiatives like LiveToUSB could be lost like many others. What are your thoughts regarding that? It’s a question for Mandriva and Mageia community: could we join efforts besides dividing them? How easy or tough could be the migrating process? I’m really satisfied with Mandriva since 7 years ago and to change to Mageia it really has to haunt me: it could be possible to do the job for January? Take your time Magicians =D

  7. Danny says:

    A few of those logos are good, and I think some would look better with the same shapes but colored in blue and yellow, like in the old project. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi guys!

    I wish you the best for this new project!

    Have fun!

  9. fri says:

    Dove of peace – this theme is what I meant previously having spoken about strong symbolics for Mageia distribution:


  10. ovi says:

    i can hardly wait to get my hands on the first alpha mageia release. as i found out over all these years using linux mandriva was the best kde distro out there. not because of ease of use but because it really was fast and responsive, unlike any other distro. i hope mageia will be just as good if not better.

  11. The_Average_User says:

    Alpha in Jan 2011? Trust me when I say that lots of people are eagerly waiting.I’m a recent desktop Linux tester = noob.For the past 4 weeks I’ve been back and forth clean installing almost every MAJOR source distros’ derivatives save for Mandriva and anything that’s based on Slackware.I’ve been trying to find time to download Mandriva One 2010 Spring GNOME since this test rig aren’t up to snuff for anything KDE and virtualboxing for that matter.And the latter like Salix and Zenwalk well so far both are giving me troubles for a live USB install and I’m the type who’d rather not waste CD-Rs so there.

    Only thing I ask for from Mageia’s debut alpha is; please give us a FAST (yes with capital everything), rolling and widely supported by every major software creators’ distro.Sorry if I lack a better example but yes as how Ubuntu are enjoying the ride with every major OPEN web browser and multimedia tools’ makers are throwing the latest and greatest at it.People who are getting too used to Ubuntu are using Mint (like me) just for better optimizations and more are looking to move at anything that is straight Debian Testing based.For what reason?Less clutter.More speed.But understandably and in respect to Debian’s way, average Joes like me can’t hope nor expect for current and updated softwares if it’s against Debian’s T&Cs at their own set of criterias.

    So now let us have another option. A better option.

    Good luck, keep up the good work and God bless all of you Mageia team.

    • Annoyamouse says:

      I would like to second the above plea for a Mageia to be a fully rolling distro. On the point about speed, (i686)optimization & customization I also agree. I am a E17 & KDE4.5 fan so would love both these DE. Regarding KDE, I think Chakra’s KDEMod is a great idea, allowing the user to cut-down KDE bloat (eg: why is kde-games etc a dependency?) to have faster and more responsive OS. I never used Mandriva (I like to roll and prefer 100%-community ditros), but if Mageia goes rolling & gives a good KDE DE, it WILL be on one of my PC and NEVER leave my Live-CD/DVD wallet!! Mandriva->Mageia (like OpenSolaris->IllumOS & OOo->LibreOffice) I’m sure will be the best thing that ever happened to the to the (ex-)Mandriva community. Now it can take it’s place beside Debian, Gentoo, Arch, etc. as an independent 100%-community distro — and be “free” in every possible sense of the word!

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