Is there life after our first release?

It’s nice to be able to say: there’s more life in Mageia than ever!

First, thanks to everyone who took the trouble to not only try Mageia 1, but to write about it – in articles and on their blogs. You’ve encouraged even more people to try it out, and come onto the lists and forums with their suggestions, issues, reactions and – perhaps most importantly for a growing community – their contributions of time and skills.

Take a minute to look at the reviews here and if you know of one we haven’t listed, let us know!

Second, thanks to all our great Mageia people – it’s great to be part of such a varied group of people, all working together to make something good. Now we’d like to extend a warm welcome to new contributors.

There’s lots happening in the Mageia community. All sorts of discussion is happening; where will we take Mageia next? We’ve got all the basics in place – our organisation, our Code of Conduct, and a growing sense of who we are and what we’re about.

And we’ll welcome whatever you bring – your new ideas, new skills and new contributions. Whatever your interest, there’s a team for you; take a look here and see what might suit you.

Welcome to post-release Mageia – help us to make sure it just keeps getting better.

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3 Responses to Is there life after our first release?

  1. joao matos says:

    i understand that you want stability but i expected that the runaway from mandriva company would make you go one step beyond without fearing the poor sales. i’m talking about the edge. newer packages: gnome 2? i think the network tools on mandriva aren’t enough and network manager should be used..
    anyway i didn’t try this, i’m still a mandriva user and i hope i try this soon on a VM and my first request is that the package mantainers get it all done right, ’cause one of mandriva’s worst things it was packages broken itself and dependencies.
    keep up and thank you

    • ennael says:

      Well as said in our different communications, this first release was a way to start with a first rock solid base. So without major innovations as our todo list was already big enough. Technical specifications are in progress now and no doubt you will find what you are expecting now 🙂

  2. fanisatt says:

    It seems a very very good OS. Mageia (KDE) reminds me PC LINUX OS and Fedora 15. It seems to me like a lovely marriage of these two giants. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
    By the way , I am sure that later I will be able (somehow) to install (with the package manager?) basic applications such as google earth , skype, handbrake etc. I tried to find instructions in the web in order to install google earth , but finally they lost me.