Bug off!

From Remco Rijnders

The past months, Mageia has been hard at work getting Alpha and Beta releases out for our upcoming release Mageia 2. With Beta 2 out of the door, and the release candidate on the way, it is time to reflect for a moment on our current situation.

A lot of hard work has been done by a lot of people. Developers, QA & and triaging teams, and not in the least beta testers have worked hard to improve our distribution to the best of our abilities and to ensure that Mageia 2 will become a release for everyone to enjoy.

During the testing, a number of bugs have been found which have been marked as release blockers. While we are hard at work on resolving them, there still is a lot to be done, and we can’t release while any release blocking bugs are still outstanding.

To this end, we’d like to invite everyone to participate in Mageia’s first bug squashing party!

The bug squash party will take place this weekend from friday 4 PM CET, to monday 10 PM CEST in #mageia-bugsquad on the Freenode IRC network.

We invite you to join in during this weekend to help us fix as many bugs as we can! Everyone can help! If you are a packager, we encourage you to get outside of your comfortzone and also have a look for example at installer bugs, wifi bugs, systemd issues, and so on! As end user you can help as well, we are still looking at increasing testing coverage to see if we catch all major issues before going gold with our release. Some bugs only manifest themselves on certain hardware profiles… if your computer is affected by one of these bugs, we especially appreciate your availability to help with testing to see if we can squash those nasty bugs!

Over the weekend, we will have a special page on our wiki where we will track the status of all issues we’re working on, as well as a daily update of our progress and work outstanding on the mailinglists -discuss and -dev.

We hope to see you on IRC in #mageia-bugsquad this weekend to help us make Mageia even better and make Mageia 2 a rock solid release!

Mageia Triage Team

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11 Responses to Bug off!

  1. dro says:

    please fix this bug.. i cannot update beta 2.. soon as updates pop up and i try to update i get this…error occured: couldn’t open RPM DB () at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.14.2/Rpmdrake/open_db.pm line 74..

    • obgr_seneca says:

      This is no bug tracker here. If you want to help – and that’s what a beta version is for – follow the procedure and go to the bug tracker.
      There you will see, this bug is already filed there and fixed.

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  3. Attila Tóth says:

    Please library libstdc++.so.5 for mageia 2 ( 64bit)

    ..is important for propretary programs

    Thanks you,

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  5. zxr250cc says:

    I realize this is way too late but we would say SQUISH for a bug, not squash… It is a fine point to be sure but I have worked and lived in foreign languages and am pointing this out as a more correct choice for casual conversation.


    • iamoverrated says:

      There is no correct usage for either; they are interchangeable in common speech. They’re both just onomatopoeia for the act of killing, usually by crushing. The idea is conveyed regardless of which word you use.

  6. Keith says:

    It would be a lot easier to search for bugs, triage, etc. if we could connect to https://bugs.mageia.org/. Just saying.

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