And the winners are…

After a month of looking at all those photos and graphics proposed for the Mageia 2 artwork contest, the Council finally chose the winners.

The easiest part about that was the graphics for the main background, but only because there weren’t as many as the photos for the alternative backgrounds.

The winner for the main background can be found here. Take a look at it, because you might see it quite often in the coming year. Well done Luiz Fernando!
Our artwork team is currently working on creating themes for plymouth, the bootsplash, drakconf and the installer.

Since there were so many photos sent in, we decided to choose two winners from them:
One for the best alternative background and one for the best screensaver photo.

After quite some time, we finally decided on the following ones:
A great winter photo was chosen as the best alternative background.
For the screensaver we agreed upon a really nice under water photo. Well done Patrick and Jürgen Donauer!

We will now contact the people sending us those three photos about their prize, as we promised we will send them some Mageia goodies.

Congratulations to the three winners and many thanks to everybody for sending us their work!


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17 Responses to And the winners are…

  1. JanKusanagi says:

    I’ve already seen a part of the default wallpaper in the MCC, and it looks great.
    But as the wallpaper itself, isn’t it a little blurry?

    • wobo says:

      > isn’t it a little blurry?

      Yes, and I think it is intended to draw the focus on either the logo (which is not blurred) or icons on the desktop or an opened window. The slight blur gives some depth to the background like you do when shooting a portrait photograph. Well done.

  2. Jin-tong says:

    The main background is very impressive, especailly with the login screen and splash screen. I was surprised to find that when my Cauldron system got the theme update. So I’m looking forward to theme updates for the other parts of the system, i.e., plymouth, the bootsplash, drakconf and the installer.

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  4. Piratu' says:

    Well, we do not argue tastes and colors… but in this case I can make an exception.
    1. for the main background I find the Windows 7 default one more sexy (light, colorful & vivid)
    2. the alternative background looks like a “garbage” trapped in ice (cold and ugly)
    3. that’s not the best underwater picture, besides the turtle is running away 🙂

  5. norberto says:

    Is similar to Windows Vista.

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  7. Dicky Dongleballs says:

    There are two kinds of wallpapers: photos of flora/fauna/natural scenery, and artwork.

    Certainly, it’s great to include wallpapers of natural things, but it’s better to use artwork to establish Mageia’s identity.

    An example would be the Windows beta fish wallpaper.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      And that’s what we are doing:
      The main background is artwork, the alternatives are photos.

  8. Marcus says:

    Thanks for all the great contributions. Looking forward for Mageia 2 😉

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  10. Dan says:

    I like these wallpapers very nice job guys/gals…