Mageia 2 updated is now available

Following previous blog post, Mageia 2 has been updated using original design of pr09studio. New isos have been built, tested and uploaded in public repositories.

Torrent files were also rebuilt.

So please, seeders, update your torrents by removing the old .torrent files (but dont remove the already downloaded data), and download the new .torrent files and your torrent client will resync by downloading only the changed parts.


Updated Mageia 2 and Cauldron packages are also available through usual updates.


Big thanks to the people who helped on providing all this in a very short time.


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5 Responses to Mageia 2 updated is now available

  1. Ken says:

    I noticed the old trackers down yesterday so restarted my torrents with the new ones.
    The old data was checked and unfortunately I didn’t watch but it appears all data was rejected and the download started from the beginning.
    Not a big deal as they are fully downloaded and seeding now.

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  4. Praedor says:

    You need to drop kontact/kmail back to the Mageia 1 version. The version of kontact/kmail provided by Mageia 2 is broken. I recently upgraded from Mageia 1 to 2, clean new install (NEVER do an actual “upgrade” because it ALWAYS wrecks your system) and now kmail is useless. It starts without any mail directories and fails immediately with “Failed to connect to resource collection” and crashes. Attempting to use the VERY confusing akonadi thing doesn’t work either – it freezes immediately. For the first time since kmail came into existence I have been forced to switch to a new/different email client (thunerbird) because kmail (kmail2) is a total disaster.

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