Mageia Days – meeting each other in person

On a daily basis, the Mageia community uses a variety of communication tools such as mailing-lists, IRC and forums. In addition to our online presence, we think we definitely need to have direct meetings so that Mageia people can meet each other and speak directly. Knowing each other better in real life can help our daily communication to work better.

So: we are planning 2 Mageia days during RMLL in July. These days will be dedicated to discussions around Mageia’s organization and the forthcoming release. Here are the proposed topics:

  • Technical specifications for Mageia 4
  • Mageia organization: how to improve our current organization?
  • Managing relationships with local communities
  • Packaging training for beginners
  • Bug triaging for beginners
  • QA for beginners
  • Working on Mageia visibility

We are checking at the moment how many people could be around to participate. The date would be 8th and 9th of july in Bruxelles.

If you are interested in it please add your name here:  Mageia Days on the wiki

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4 Responses to Mageia Days – meeting each other in person

  1. Voo says:

    I won’t be able to attend in person, but it’s a wonderful idea.

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  3. FraterLinux says:

    Excellent idea!

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