Help make Mageia 4 beautiful!

We’ve been very proud of the artwork and the look and feel of Mageia since the beginning; and now that Mageia 4 Alpha 2 is out, it’s time for us to get ready to make Mageia 4 the most gorgeous of them all!

We’d like to see your stunning, original artwork that can form the basis for Mageia 4 wallpapers, installer and launcher elements, website motif, and so much more.

Your submission could become the “face” of Mageia 4!

Please submit your artwork, in png format (please, no gifs or jpgs), to the Mageia 4 Flickr drop.

It’s really important that your artwork is original – we give credit to our contributors!

Wallpaper submissions should be no less than 3,200 by 2,400 px at a minimum 72 dpi resolution, in order to accommodate a wide variety of monitors. The wallpaper should also be able to be cropped to other ratios (e.g. 16:9) without compromising the design.

We’re also open to your ideas for icon sets, original sound schemes, and other elements.

To be considered for inclusion, you need to let us have your high-resolution source file (xcf or svg), so that it can be cropped or resized later if needed. You can upload a png sample to the Flickr group, but we will need your source file before the final decision is made.

Please refer to Mageia’s artwork guidelines, available now on the Mageia Wiki. These guidelines, we hope, will make it easier for you to create original artwork, which we can use and redistribute as part of sharing and spreading the word about Mageia. The guidelines cover the Official Mageia Logo, colour scheme, website motif, fonts, wallpaper and other elements. The Mageia official logo is also covered by our Trademark Policy.

Take just a moment to learn the rules, then, jump in and create with us!

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8 Responses to Help make Mageia 4 beautiful!

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  2. make the boot faster should be also a good thing 😉

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  4. tikijo says:

    I have no qualification and ability to do such work. But I’m very proud to be one of the mageia user. Very proud also to follow you guys working. So Thanks so much and very appreiate for the work and want to say goodluck to support the wonderful team. GBU

  5. }-{azard1nc says:

    Not many of us are artists tikijo, but I have a site that i’m very certain can help out for the most part, and why don’t we make a firefox persona for default install disk for mageia too? I am creative, but adhd and sitting still never work or play well together, so I am just tossing idea’s out there.. anyways,, etc.. they are all linked together and also support gnome, xfce, and other graphical environments on their network, I love kde, but some of us have old equipment, not this guy, but perhaps that one, can we make a lightweight “on-a-strict-diet” release maybe like xfce or fluxbox or something with a familiar face like new users are used to looking at?

    Again, just loaded with idea’s to help.