No vacation for the brave: Mageia 5 alpha 2 is out!

While many of us are having some well-deserved rest, the Mageia team is still on the deck and working on Mageia 5 development.

This second development release is a big step towards Mageia 5, since most of the core packages have now been updated to their latest stable branches: kernel 3.15.6, X.Org 1.16 and Mesa 10.2.5 for some of the biggest ones. There has also been some important work done towards packaging KDE frameworks 5 (technological foundation for KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications 5) and LxQt for Mageia 5: feel free to try them out, and don’t hesitate to report bugs or discuss them on our dev mailing list.

Special thanks to Thomas (aka tmb) who took the time to prepare Live ISOs for this alpha even though he’s taking some time off to regain his health.

You can have a look at  for more details about alpha 2:

Work is in progress. Stay tuned!

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14 Responses to No vacation for the brave: Mageia 5 alpha 2 is out!

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  2. Sture says:

    I think it would be nice if we windowsusers could dump our mageia iso on a usb stick an easy way.
    USB Dumper acts like a trojan and there is no information what so ever.
    No one is answers on irc and the information i find on the forum is far from crystal clear.
    Have you guys done it this way to scare of users like me?

    • There are tons of programs through which you can burn iso to the stick. What’s stopping you to find information on google?

    • Rémi Verschelde says:

      Hi Sture,

      I understand your frustration, the tools available for dumping ISO images on Windows are indeed far from optimal. If USB Dumper does not work, maybe you could try the alternative tools that are listed here:

      I’ve just stumbled upon SUSE Studio Image Writer for Windows:
      If you try it and it works fine, I’d be interested to get some feedback about it, we could probably update our documentation to point to it (I think MandrivaSeed is quite old so I’m not sure it works on Windows 7 or 8).

      Please be patient when asking on IRC, there is always someone to answer you, but not necessarily looking at the channel at the same time as you. Many contributors and users are on holidays too 🙂
      If there doesn’t seem to be any answer on #mageia, feel free to join #mageia-qa or #mageia-dev to ask your questions, there might be slightly more activity there.

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  7. Install Mageia 2 alpha 5 with the downloaded boot.iso in virtualbox. Chose MATE and nothing more. Has already put more than 2 hours. A very long time.

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