Mageia was at the Paris Open Source Summit 2015

The Paris Open Source Summit is a great European event centered on the free & open source sector. It arose as a result of the merger of two French open source events: Linux Solutions (formerly in La Défense) and the Open World Forum. This year’s edition took place on November the 18th and 19th in “Les docks de Paris” (North suburbs).

Mageia had three contributors glad to be there: dtux, magnux and lebarhon. Our booth was small but of professional quality with many interesting things:

  • to show, two laptops with Mageia 5 and the upcoming Mageia 6/Plasma 5,
  • for sale, beautiful wooden USB sticks, unfortunately a delivery problem prevented us to sell T-shirts,
  • to offer, stickers and fliers.


The first day began with a bomb alert (false alert fortunately), but the building has been evacuated and the event really started only at 10 a.m. We met lots of different kinds of people:

  • some regular visitors, who we already met last year and before. They came to say “hello”, to hear some news and share their opinions about Mageia and rare minor problems,
  • some unhappy people, complaining that Mageia 4 was much better. We were sad to hear that, reported their problems and hope they are going to be fixed,
  • some happy people thanking us because Mageia 5 is much better than was Mageia 4. At least there is a good solution for everyone 🙂
  • two people looking for business partners, yes Mageia is taken seriously as a professional solution!
  • almost nobody that did not know Mageia. From our experience on this event, this is new, last year (May 2014, i.e. 18 months ago) many visitors had never heard of Mageia,
  • and two other Mageia community members, tuxmips and baud.

It has been a very happy two-day show, not at all affected by the tragic events in Paris. Since it was the first year the event took place in this location, it is not easy to compare the crowd with that of last year, but it seemed more or less equivalent. What really changed in our opinion is that Mageia is now well-known, and that’s definitely encouraging!

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10 Responses to Mageia was at the Paris Open Source Summit 2015

  1. Anon Y. Mouse says:

    Cool! I wish I could have joined! Cant wait for mga 6 🙂

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  5. John Smith says:

    Seems like being #6 distro on Distrowatch unfortunately only goes so far 🙁

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  8. Raymond Smith says:

    My first outing with Linux was with Mandrake ten or eleven years ago. I was with Mandriva for a long time and then came Mageia. Actually all these distros have been first rate and Mageia is no exception. It is certainly on a par with Ubuntu and the Mint although maybe not quite as streamlined as yet. I have used all the major Linux distros and Mageia is one of the best. I think you can rest assured you are doing a good job.

    • MrsB says:

      Thankyou for saying so. We are a community though and rely on people getting involved. We are still relatively few and always need more people! There are a wide range of roles, not all technical, please consider it 🙂

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