Our First Backport – HPLIP 3.15.11

Firstly, Happy Holidays to everyone, we all hope that you have a nice festive season and that the New Years brings good fortune. But back to the business at hand…

The backport repositories exist so that we can provide updates to software that are needed by some users, or provide significant feature improvements but which are potentially disruptive to installed stable systems.

This is the case with the latest version of the HP printer and scanner software (hplip), which adds support for some new devices, but which our QA testing found to be incompatible with some existing devices.

Further details of the devices that are supported by hplip-3.15.11 can be found in the hplip release notes.

A list of HP printers and the required minimum version of hplip can be seen here and the new printers that are supported by this backport are listed here.

The new version of the hplip packages are now available in the Core Backports repository.

If you have a new HP printer or scanner which does not function properly with Mageia 5, you may require these packages.

Installing backports in Mageia is quite simple:

In rpmdrake, “Install & Remove Software”, select backports from the first drop-down filter. If a previous version is installed the available packages will be marked in the status column with a down arrow with a line above it in a red circle. Select and install the packages appropriate for your architecture.

It is NOT necessary to enable the Backports repository.

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16 Responses to Our First Backport – HPLIP 3.15.11

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  2. Did i just read right ????? i must be sleeping and have a bad nightmare ?.

  3. Yes i know it’s real,little joke as it take so long to open them.:D

  4. RJames says:

    Any chance that a more recent version of Firefox can be added to backports? I’m trying to convince my recent Linux converts that WebRTC is better than Skype but the Firefox ESR that ships with mga5 doesn’t have it. Unpacking tarballs and creating symlinks is easy for me but not them.

  5. RJames says:

    Firefox Hello (WebRTC) is intentionally deactivated in 38 ESR for backward compatibility reasons. Having an option to install a non-ESR firefox from Backports would be great. I noticed that Cauldron has non-ESR SRPMS available which (so far) build fine on mga5 so it seems do-able.

    • schultz says:

      OK, I’ll bring this to the dev list and see what they say, but I’m fairly sure that this will come down to a mix of maintainer/security/can of worms issue.

      Not sure if you would be willing to join and maintain or help to maintain firefox, any helps is always appreciated.

      • R James says:

        I was willing to help. I joined the dev list and offered as much in the thread you kindly started. I was wrongly accused of bringing this up before and told to stop beating the dead horse. It seemed rather hostile in there and the horse smells quite dead so I left with my feet. I thought the request seemed reasonable for backports but apparently not. Thanks for trying though.

        • schultz says:

          The replies after you post on the ML expands on the issue and I should have been more aware of it. The packaging of FF is a pain as upstream use the dev channel as a release channel and force users onto that for the newest features as is the case here.

          Its one of the reasons I stopped using FF years ago, if I had realised that the backport would require an updated set of libraries not just contained by FF I wouldn’t have suggested it as that is a whole different upgrade.

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