Weekly roundup 2017 – week 21

So the biggest news this week has been the Mageia 6 RC release. We are all really happy with it and with the feedback that we are getting so far, so a big thanks to all of the testers and to everyone that helped with packaging, QA, bug triage, ISO building and all of the other things needed to get a release out.


Despite the release, there has still been plenty of work on Cauldron, the biggest update is to Plasma 5.8.7, but as this is a pretty critical piece, it went first to the Updates Testing repository to check everything over before being moved to the Core Release repository today. Mageia-prime was also updated in the testing repository, so if you use Nvidia Optimus and want to test it, feel free to have a look. Other updates include:

  • smplayer 17.5.0
  • docker 17.03.1
  • webkit 2.16.3
  • qbittorrent 3.3.12
  • flatpak 0.9.4
  • networkmanager 1.8.0
  • kernel 4.9.30
  • efl 1.9.1
  • thunderbird 52.1.1
  • firefox 52.1.2
  • samba 4.5.9

In total there were around 250 package updates since last week, so a busy week all around.

Mageia 5

Now that the QA team has more time, a large number of updates were validated for Mageia 5, here is a selection:

  • webmin 1.840 – CVE and bugfix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
  • vlc – CVE and bugfix
  • samba 3.6.25-2.7 – multiple CVE fixes
  • kernel 4.4.68 – multiple CVE fixes


Lastly, but very much not least, the forums are back with all of the history intact which is very welcome so you can report on any testing that you do with the RC there, on the mailing lists or on our Bugzilla.
We really appreciate your patience and understanding with the downtime.

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8 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 21

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  3. katnatek says:

    A little typo in the list of updates for cauldron, the efi versión is in line with kernel version, and must be a diferent line.

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  6. isadora says:

    Thanks for making my life completer again. 🙂

  7. janko says:

    AWESOME!!!! Can’t thank you enough!