2017 week 41 and some extras


The Mageia 7 feature proposals are being discussed more, as some of them are very large and will bring large changes to the distribution and installer, scoping the work and looking at the needed resources and timelines is a big job. The big 2 are moving more towards manatools and integrating dnf into the installer, implementing a shim for the existing urpmi commands and ensuring that there is no loss in functionality if we decide to switch for Mageia 7.

While not strictly a Cauldron piece of news, we will in all likelihood drop arm5tl and start to work towards building aarch64 and well as the current arm7hl.

Big changes in Cauldron this week include:

  • rust 1.21.0
  • kernel 4.13.7 – preliminary support for Coffee Lake (i915 alpha)
  • wine 2.18
  • R-base 3.4.2
  • apache 2.4.28
  • x11-server 1.19.5
  • rpm 4.14.0
  • vlc 3.0.0 (git snapshot with fix for drag and drop)

Mageia 6

There have been plenty of security updates for Mageia 6, here are a few of them:

  • thunderbird-52.4.0-1 – Security fix
  • weechat-1.7.1-1.1 – CVE fix
  • pjproject-2.5.5-4.1 – CVE fixes
  • dnsmasq-2.77-1.2 – multiple CVE fixes
  • x11-server-1.19.4-1 – CVE fixes
  • firefox-52.4.0-1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • ghostscript-9.20-3.1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • mariadb-10.1.28-1 – maintenance and bugfix release

Mageia 5

Similarly for Mageia 5, plenty of new updates:

  • thunderbird-52.4.0-1 – Security fix
  • weechat-0.4.1-7.2 – CVE fix
  • pjproject-2.3-1.1 – CVE fixes
  • dnsmasq-2.77-1.1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • x11-server-1.16.4-2.3 – CVE fixes
  • firefox-52.4.0-1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • ghostscript-9.20-1.1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-0.10.31-9.2 & gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-1.4.3-2.2 – multiple CVE fixes


We have been having ongoing issues with spam and fraudulent accounts on our bugzilla so we introduced a special group which can edit bugs. We already added many relevant contributors to it. We think this is a temporary measure until we can properly test a more complete authentication system. Note that this change won’t effect your ability to post bugs. Just edit ones already posted, if there are issues from this, contacting the relevant mailing list should get it resolved quickly.


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10 Responses to 2017 week 41 and some extras

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  5. Jan says:

    Great job, people! =)

  6. xpris says:

    Quick question. Wa are safe from KRACK security issue? I mean this WPA WIFI bug? This is fixed now in Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora desktops. We have fixed it too?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      tmb 2.6-1.1.mga6:
      + Revision: 1172356
      – fix CVE-2017-130[77-82, 86-88] (mga#21879)

      Is that the issue you are meaning?

      • xpris says:

        Yes, exactly this. It is fixed in MGA6 but not in MGA5. Can we get .backport? I know MGA5 soon will be EOL but for some reason I’m still using it

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