Weekly roundup 2017 – week 46


Another busy week for Cauldron, while not as many large updates, lots of other packages have seen work, as well as getting ready for future upgrades.

  • flatpak 0.10.0
  • boost 1.65.1
  • glib 0.7.4
  • chromium-browser 62
  • zsh 5.4.2
  • kmymoney4.8.1

There was also an update to PHP, so plenty of module updates and rebuilds for that and boost.

The other big update that is coming is Firefox, there is an issue with its build and our rust toolchain, but once that is sorted then Firefox 57 will be coming your way.

One other interesting discussion that will have to be resisted, most likely many more times before a full decision is made, is what to do with the 32-bit media. While they are still needed for now as not everyone has access to high-speed internet for net installs and most likely they will be the ones without access to newer 64-bit hardware.Currently there are also many others who do have 64-bit hardware but for some reason still use 32-bit install. At least it seems that way from torrent statistics shared by some of our contributors. Hearing opinion on this is always useful, although this is probably something more for Mageia 8.

Mageia 6

A busy week for updates, here are some of the important ones:

  • konversation 1.7.3-1 – CVE fix
  • firefox 52.5.0-1, nss 3.28.6-1.1 & rootcerts 20171025.00-1 – CVE fixes
  • nextcloud-client 2.3.2-1 – bugfix update
  • php 5.6.32-1 – Security fix
  • cups 2.2.6-1 – bugfix update
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes

Mageia 5

Also some important updates for Mageia 5, here are some of them:

  • konversation 1.5.1-1.1 – CVE fix
  • firefox 52.5.0-1, nss 3.28.6-1.1 & rootcerts 20171025.00-1 – CVE fixes
  • bluez 5.28-1.2 – CVE fix
  • php 5.6.32-1 – Security fix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
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15 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 46

  1. Lee Castleton says:

    I downloaded mag6 but am saddened to see that KDE is now infested with ‘plasma’ that denies me my multiple virtual desktops, each with my OWN CHOICES for wallpapers. Now I am sure that if installed, all I will see would be the simpleton child line drawings for widgets, and some dirty soccer ball photo for the only ‘background’ taking the place of my beautiful wallpaper. Will probably stay with XFCE and Enlightenment on mageia5 forever. Any ugly so called ‘upgrades’ now would really be a downgrade.

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  4. katnatek says:

    Could you extend the 32-bit thing?
    What is you want to remove just the installation images or also repositories?

    • Filip says:

      As Donald is saying bellow 32-bit will likely receive less native testing (just on 32-bit install on 64-bit machines and in a virtual machine). It won’t go away any time soon.

  5. vasea says:

    there are some people, who install 1st thing they see, without diving into technical specs,

    maybe thats the reason of so many 32bit installations on 64 bit computers,

    It would be better to hide 32bit option in a small link,
    and 64bit in a big button

  6. M.Z. says:

    “Currently there are also many others who do have 64-bit hardware but for some reason still use 32-bit install. At least it seems that way from torrent statistics shared by some of our contributors. Hearing opinion on this is always useful,…”

    If you’re saying want a guess on why people with x64 computers are downloading 32 bit images, my guess is that there are others like me who need both sets of images. Personally I still have a decent amount of old 32 bit hardware around & like to get some use out of it, though I don’t use it as a desktop nearly as much as my modern hardware. There are probably others who have various friends, family, & associates that have an actual need for 32 bit OSs & someone who can show them how to breathe new life into their old hardware.

    Obviously the second use case is more important than the first because those users might lose their current cost effective solutions to computing. I wouldn’t venture a guess as to whether it’s more common to make some use of your old hardware, or help others get cheap access to computing. I would guess though that there is some combination of those things causing 64 bit users to get 32 bit images. There are probably also a small portion of people on the side who just like 32 bit because it uses less RAM.

    Perhaps a poll could help determine the mix of want vs need for 32 bit & the reasons why it’s wanted or needed.

  7. mountain says:

    32 bit runs good enough on my old athlonxp system, a little slower on the Pentium III. Mandriva and Mageia for several years now. Hoping for a few more.

  8. I hope this comment is appropriate here.I’ve just had the pleasure of installing and testing Mageia6. It brought back memories of my first ever Linux OS, Mandrake 9.2,I was appalled by the demise of that OS and the churlish behaviour of hearst. May I congratulate you on a fine job and many of the features that I found evocative.

  9. Donald Stewart says:

    Just to clarify with the 32bit thing – it wont be happening for a long time still, and will in all likelihood start with the large install images. Still – this was more to gauge the interest in 32bit rather than open a discussion on dropping it.
    It initially came up from one of the QA tester’s 32bit laptop breaking, and there not being much real 32bit hardware left, so tests are either in a virtual machine or on 64bit hardware

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  11. Mika Laitio says:

    Unfortunately there still exist some old proprietary 32 bit apps that I need and which has dependencies for other 32 bit libs that I need to install in parallel to my 64 bit mga distro to get them working.

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  13. Antony says:

    I use my main computer (64-bit, wired connection) to download 32-bit for my Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop. It is oldish, yes, and I have a tablet but I do like to use the Laptop, and I will use it for as long as possible. Btw, Mageia 6 with Plasma and it works well.

    Thanks for all the hard work,