Mageia 7 Artwork Voting

The artwork contest is now closed, firstly, all of the people that gave their time to make and submit so many excellent pieces deserve our thanks, it is really appreciated, they will make Mageia 7 look excellent.

So now we need to start voting on which of these images we want to have included, primarily for the signature background, but also as additional background and screensavers.

As we have so many images to choose, there are two votes, one for the background and one for the screensavers, in both cases you can choose up to 20 images that you like, to vote, just put an “x” in a new column next to the image you want.

The images that you are voting on are available as a gallery and as a tarball from the voting spreadsheet, watch out for the file names though, they are not always ordered by name, sometimes by last modified.

The background vote is here

The screensaver vote is here

This will be open until the end Sunday 27th of January, EU time, happy voting!

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11 Responses to Mageia 7 Artwork Voting

  1. Guy says:

    I find this unintuitive, and honestly, bizarre.

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  6. Olay says:

    when do you plan to release beta 2 iso?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      ISO’s are being built, QA is doing some testing so they should be coming soon once the bugs that were in the build are found and fixed

  7. joselp78 says:

    Will the author of the images appear somewhere?
    If so, I would like my images to appear with the name Drutas4.


    • Donald Stewart says:

      Of course, all images used will be given full credit. There is a specific file that lists all people that contribute to Mageia

  8. Joelp says:

    Any news? Weekly based posts was good information canel. For now is long time silent.