Mageia 6 End of Life – Time to Upgrade

As you know, Mageia 7 was released this summer, followed shortly after by Mageia 7.1. It is time to say goodbye to Mageia 6 – updates have stopped, including security updates.
As usual, before the upgrade, do a backup of your data and documents.
You have a couple of ways to install Mageia 7:

1. Do a clean installation from Classical or Live media. In this case, you will keep the data in your /home if it is in a separate partition, as is usually the case – but do check! The root partition will be formatted during the installation process.

2. Upgrade from the command line, as described in our release notes.

3. Upgrade through the applet in the system tray. This option was disabled until recently as conflicts prevented the upgrade from completing successfully. These have been resolved, so you will now be offered an upgrade when you next update your Mageia 6 system.

Whichever method you choose, we highly recommend that you upgrade your system, as Mageia 6 is no longer supported and is no longer receiving any security updates.

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9 Responses to Mageia 6 End of Life – Time to Upgrade

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  4. bradfonseca says:

    Thank you fro bringing back Option #3 (Upgrade through the applet in the system tray.) I just completed the upgrade and everything went smoothly!

  5. Omnio Torr says:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky. I updated using the applet but after reboot systemd was stuck and I couldn’t even get a shell in recovery mode. I ended up reinstalling…..

  6. Fabrice says:

    Update doesn’t work.

  7. benmc says:

    if the upgrade notification does not popup after your final update, be sure to check (right click the applet and choose “settings” or via MCC ) that the “check for system upgrade” checkbox is “ticked”.
    for 4 systems mine was not.

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  9. Another Mouse says:

    I know here is not the right place for bug reports but it would be great if for the next update the applet could beforehand disable screensavers etc. As during the update you get a message to log into a console and issue an unlocking command. No problem for me, but i doubt an plain user can do that.